Oneserve 11.2 - 13th March 2015

Release Notes

Below is the full list of enhancements and fixes in our new Oneserve version



Development IDSystem AreaDescription
OSD-3150  Assets Activities can be allocated to Assets which can be useful on the Create Job Screen. When you create a job you can select an asset that is assigned to the property. In the activity field you will have access to the activities that have been linked to the asset. 
OSD-3157 Mobile The Appointment Planned end date will now appear on the mobile with the planned duration. When the appointment is started the Actual start date will be populated and when the appointment has been completed it will show the end date
OSD-3161   The Oneserve server you are connected to will appear under your name in the top right hand corner. When you log into Oneserve you are directed to one of two available servers. If you experience any performance problems you can look at what server you are connected to when you report the issue to our support team.
OSD-3163 Site/ Create Job Format improvements to how the Site and Contact considerations appear on the site and create job page.
OSD-3170 User Type Rights New user type rights have been assigned to the scheduling screen. You can control who can change the Supplier, Resource and Service. The tick boxes for Override priority, notification, multi day and duration now have individual rights.
OSD-3184 Mobile Mobile Photo Annotations - Integrate into Mobile Photos page and refactor
OSD-3267 Mobile On the mobile there is now a directions button that will appear in the address section. Using this button will open up the map facilities on your device and use the job address as the end location. If you are using Safari on a iPhone it will use the apple maps. If you use Chrome you will need to download Google Maps to your device.
OSD-3299 Mobile Survey Fix to ensure all mandatory surveys are completed before the complete all button will appear




Development IDSystem AreaDescription
OSD-3172 Job Attribute Changes to the job attribute edit screen to prevent errors under certain circumstances
OSD-3205 Appointments Improvements to the formatting of multi day appointments to ensure the time is set against working days and not overspilling into non working time/weekends
OSD-3236 Mobile Survey Fix to allow non mandatory surveys to be completed without having to answer all questions.
OSD-3262 Scheduler A change to the scheduler to correct the layout of an appointment if it overlaps midnight.
OSD-3266 Mobile Survey A change has been made to ensure surveys on the mobile will have the correct default values displayed if the questions are boolean (True/False)
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