Allocated Time Types


Allocated Time Types are used on the Team and Resource calendars to record different working or non-working time outside of their standard hours. Calendars are used to control standard hours which can be configured by opening the Admin menu and selecting Calendars. 

Allocated Time Types can have one of three settings, Working, Non-Working or Downtime.

- Working type will allow appointments to continue to be scheduled within the time period. The holiday type will ask for priorities to be included which will determine what appointments can be scheduled within the time without the need to use the override priorities option on the scheduler. The override option on the scheduler is a separate right which can stop your users using additional time for the wrong appointments. An example would be if you are using Emergency time slots for engineers to work outside of their standard shift, you would select the priorities that represent your Emergency and Urgent SLA’s.

- Non Working time will not allow any appointments from being scheduled, this would be used for Holiday and Sickness. If you have appointments booked after a non-working time chunk it will calculate the drive time from the resources home postcode. 

- Downtime is similar to Non-Working as it will not allow appointments to be scheduled in the time slot. This could be used if you need to reserve time during the day or maybe a lunchtime slot. Unlike Non-Working, Downtime will calculate the drive time for the first appointment after it using the previous appointment location and not the resources home postcode. 

Allocated time types are assigned a colour which will be displayed on the scheduler to show the availability or non-availability of a resource. 

User Type Right Holiday Type [HOL]

1. Select the Cog icon to open the Admin menu
2. Select the Allocated Time Type link under the Teams section
3. You can edit existing type by clicking on a row within the table

4. For new types click on the + icon at the top of the page

5. Enter the name of the type

6. Select the type which will be Working Time, Non-Working or Downtime. This will determine if appointments can be booked during the time slot. 

7. Select a colour, this will be the colour displayed on the scheduler

8. Select the priorities which are relevant, this will allow any of the jobs with the selected priorities to be scheduled during this time. Example would be to select Emergency priorities for an emergency or out of hours time type. If you are scheduling a job with a different priority you will need to use the Override Priority option on the scheduler. 

9. Save the changes.


1. Select Admin and click on Teams

2. To book time against the team click on Working/Non-Working time. If you create an appointment on this calendar it will appear for all resources under that team.

3.Click on the A button on the relevant date and you will be able to see your new allocated time type.

4. If you need to book time against a resource, select the resource tab from the team page and click on the relevant resource. Use the Working/Non-Working time page to create a new appointment. 


More Information

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