Oneserve 10.3 - 26th January 2015

Release Notes

Below is the full list of enhancements and fixes in our new Oneserve version



Development IDSystem AreaDescription
OSD-3116 Appointment The function to allow appointments to be changed to fixed from pooled has been enhanced. On the scheduler you can select an appointment and change the appointment type
OSD-3129 Create Job The create job page has been updated with a new format. The functionality on this page remains the same.
OSD-3061 Document Template New Document templates have been created to allow users to produce Basic Survey, CP12 and Gas Worksheets on the system
OSD-3084 Document Template New Document templates have been created to allow users to create Job Letter and Job Letter Group on the system
OSD-3120 Documents Documents printed from Oneserve such as invoice have been changed so they do not round the cost values
OSD-2964 HTTP Booker Changes have been made to the HTTP Booker so it works with Approval Rules. If a job matches the criteria of an approval rule it will take the user to the job page instead of being able to book an appointment before it has been approved.
OSD-2974 Clone Job A clone job button has been added to the job details page. With this functionality you can keep the job details(eg activities, priorities, description, work log type) but change the site to be a different address
OSD-3049 Mobile The design for the mobile application has been updated.
OSD-3080 Mobile - Survey Enhancements have been applied to how the mobile stores survey details. This will improve the data transfer of surveys and assets between the mobile and desktop application
OSD-2977 Mobile Site Considerations On the site details page you can link to a parent site. The mobile application will also show the parent site consideration
OSD-3138 Quick Create Button A new menu option that will allow you to create a new job, part, asset, location, contact
OSD-3124 Reports The client_ref field from a job has been added to the Completed Appointment Activity Report
OSD-3137 Reports Improvements have been made to the completed Activity Resource Costs report. The improvement involved changing how site was linked to the report to ensure users were able to use the site details without receiving an error.
OSD-3037 Search 'No' has been removed as a stop word on the search page so it can be used as part of an advance filter.
OSD-3087 Search The jobsWithAppointments function has been amended so it includes Late Start. This will be useful to create a view to show all jobs that started after the planned start time
OSD-3040 Site The Add Site button has been added to the site search page.
OSD-3034 Stock A new status has been created for the parts invoice section for Paid, Three new columns have also been added for Payment Reference, Payment Date and Amount Paid
OSD-3085 Stock The print icon on the purchase order page has been modified. When you click on the print icon it will become inactive whilst you are waiting for the document to download to your computer. After it has finished downloading the button will become active again.




Development IDSystem AreaDescription
OSD-3016 Advance Filters for Search The jobsWithAppointments function on the new search page has been improved to allow users to search for appointment status and resources
OSD-2901 Approval Rules A fix has been applied to allow Approval Rules to be added for all suppliers and all work types
OSD-3063 Job - Appointment A fix to allow the new appointment button to remain visible even if a user cancel the new appointment part way through the scheduling process
OSD-2941 Mobile - Assets Adding assets on mobile should creates unique reference, changes have been applied to ensure the references are unique and cannot be used for different assets
OSD-2960 Search Improvements have been added to the search page to allow contact details to be excluded from the search results if they have been removed from a site
OSD-2968 Search Creating and saving a search view will now save a order by if it has been applied
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