Directions on the Mobile


On the mobile you can use the directions button to view the direction to the appointment address. Oneserve will use the map software on your device so it will not run directly in your Oneserve session.

If you access Oneserve using Chrome you will need to have Google Maps downloaded on your device.

If you access Oneserve using Safari you should already have Apple maps downloaded as a default application but it is worth while checking your devices. 

If you access Oneserve using a Android browser it will ask you what application you would like to use. We would recommend downloading Google Maps onto the device and using it as the preferred option. 

1. Select the Start Travel button. This will start the travel calculation

2. Select the directions button

3. If you are using Chrome it will open Google Maps, If you are on Safari it will use Apple Maps software.

4. The destination address will automatically be populated with the job address

5. You can enter your start address or use the 'My location'/'Current Location' option. If 'My Location' is not available you may need to change the permissions for the map software to access your location.