Additional Appointment Required



If all work cannot be completed in a single appointment, it is sometimes necessary to create an additional appointment. In Oneserve, this information can be added when the appointment is completed, giving a complete overview of what work has been carried out and the reason for which an additional appointment is required such as requiring additional stock, appointments being carded, or work being incomplete. This functionality is available in both the desktop and mobile applications.

New additional appointment reasons can be added at any time. If you would like to update the reasons on your system, please raise a ticket with Oneserve's Support Desk.


The following guide applies to the Oneserve desktop applications. Steps on how to use Additional Appointment on the mobile can be found here.

  • Navigate to the job against which the appointment is scheduled and select the "Resources" tab
  • Next to the appointment in question, click on the three dot menu and select "Update"


  • On the job update screen that appears, select "Work Completed" and enter any relevant information about the appointment
  • Select "Additional Appointment Required" from the "Additional Steps" section and provide a target appointment date
  • Select a reason for requiring the additional appointment


  • This information can then be viewed in the "Job History" tab


  • Follow-up appointments can then be added under the "Resources" tab using the "Schedule Appointment" button