Overview of the New Features

Overview of New Features

  • Activity Purchase Orders
  • New user type rights
  • Mobile - photo annotations
  • Mobile - directions
  • Assigning activities to assets
  • Stock approval limits


Activity Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders can be generated using activity codes on a job. This can be useful if you need to create invoices for subcontractor labour. The purchase orders can be linked to Goods Receipts and Invoices used to track the payments made to your subcontractor teams.


New User Type Rights

New rights have been created to help restrict different areas of the system from your users. 

Stock Management (Purchase Orders, Goods Receipts, Invoices)
The scheduling page for pooled and fixed
Quick Job Create page


Mobile - Photo Annotations 

Once a photo has been selected on the mobile there is an option to annotate the image. Using different colours and different types of brushes the image can be drawn on to highlight particular areas


Mobile - Directions

On the mobile you can use the directions button to view the direction to the appointment address. Oneserve will use the map software on your device and automatically populate the destination address.


Stock Approval Limits

Stock Approval Limits can be used to control what Purchase Orders and Invoices can be submitted by particular user types depending on the value. 


Activities assigned to Assets

Activities can be assigned against the Library Asset or the Type to narrow down what work can be carried out. When you are creating a job there is a section to select the Asset. Once the asset has been set the activity box will show the activities that have been assigned. 

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