Oneserve 11.1 - 9th February 2015

Release Notes

Below is the full list of enhancements and fixes in our new Oneserve version



Development IDSystem AreaDescription
OSD-3139 Assets The Asset pages has been moved to the Admin menu. The search page has remained in the same location which can be used to search for assets.
OSD-3074 Create Job - Assets The Asset and Location fields on the create job page have been enhanced. If you filter by location it will now reduce the assets returned depending on it they are available in that location or vise versa.
OSD-3140 Job - Assets The asset details have been made available on the job activity page. For the details to display the activity will need to be linked when you create the job or using the pencil icon for individual activities.
OSD-3135 New Search Page Small formatting changes have been applied to the new Search and Views page
OSD-3148 New Search Page The jobsWithAppointments function used on the new search page has been modified. You can now use the appointment status for Complete along with Pending, In Progress and All
OSD-3141 Scheduling Small formatting changes have been applied to the scheduling pages
OSD-3153 Activity Purchase Orders A new process to create subcontractor purchase orders has been created. You can use the job activities to generate purchase orders and good receipts.
OSD-3090 Workflow As part of the workflow set up you can use date values from the site attributes to determine the job target date when the job passes certain stages. The target date will use the date from the attribute and add on the job priority.


Development IDSystem AreaDescription
OSD-3156 Appointment The settings to allow a pop up requesting a reason when you cancel an appointment is now available to be used for all users and clients. If you would like to activate this setting please email
OSD-3178 Work Type/User Type The work type and user type page has been modified so it does not include inactive rows by default. To view inactive rows you can tick the box at the top of the screen.
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