Oneserve 11.4 - 17th April 2015

Release Notes

Below is the full list of enhancements and fixes in our new Oneserve version



Development IDSystem AreaDescription
OSD-3150 Assets The option to link activities to Asset Types or Library Assets. When the asset has been select on the create job screen it will display the pre linked activities which can be allocated to the new job
OSD-3352 QJC Using the create job button on a site will direct you to the QJC, It will pre load the preferred contact details
OSD-3182 Search The column for Site Status has been added to the Asset Search page
OSD-3223 Search A change to the search page to order the results with the latest data first unless a specific sort by has been applied
OSD-3345 Search The option to use subtraction has been added to the search page. This will be available when you are in the advance view
OSD-3309 Search The column for Site Type has been added to the Job Search page
OSD-3358 Stock Invoices Using a user type right you can prevent users creating a Stock Invoice with a higher cost value then the linked Purchase Order



Development IDSystem AreaDescription
OSD-3171 Activities A change to the admin activity screen to allow clients to be removed from individual activities/SORs
OSD-3296 Sites The link between parent and child site has been updated so it uses the ID number and not the reference.
OSD-3300 Search For the search page you can use the following OQL in the advance box, It will show all pending appointments with a start date greater then the current date/time and all jobs without a pending appointment. PendingAppointmentStartDate > now() or pendingAppointmentStartDate is empty
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