Oneserve 11.3 - 27th March 2015

Release Notes

Below is the full list of enhancements and fixes in our new Oneserve version



Development ID

System AreaDescription
OSD-3294 Stock Financial Approval Limits - you can now create financial approval limits to control what limit users can approve on purchase orders an invoices.
OSD-3308 Stock Invoice Validation - to prevent users creating the same invoice twice we have added validation to the invoice number and vendor fields to check the invoice doesn't already exist.
OSD-3259 User Type Right - QJC QJC Rights - a number of user rights have been added to the Quick Job Create page giving you greater control of what information users can and cant amend in this page
OSD-3314, OSD-3276 User Type Right - Stock

Stock Rights - a number of user rights have been added to the Stock section allowing you to control who perform certain actions in the stock section.




Development IDSystem AreaDescription
OSD-3225 Search There was an issue with operators (> < >= <= ) not working with TotalSales and TotalCosts fields in the Search page.
OSD-3238, OSD-3284 Appointment Improvement to how additional appointment notes will appear on the job history.
OSD-3245 Search Some events were not displaying when using eventDate() column OQL function.
OSD-3254 Jobs We have now restricted the ability to add activities to a job if there is no active cost values set.
OSD-3328 Bulk Job Update There were intermittent issues when launching the Bulk Job Update through the search page. This issue has now been resolved.
OSD-3242 Jobs Increased size of the description field on 'Add Job Cost' page.
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