Linking Activities to Assets


You can assign activities to assets to help your users select the correct activities when they create a job.

For the activities to be available the activity needs to be active, assigned to the client used on the property/site and available for the work log type of the job. 

Activities can be assigned against the Library Asset or the Type so it depends how you would like to configure the setup. 

1. Select Asset Type or Library Assets from the Admin menu

2. Tick the box next to the asset you would like to assign activities to. 

3. Select the double way arrow at the top of the screen

4. You can use the add button to assign individual activities. Second option is to tick the tick boxes next to all of the relevant activities and use the 'Add Selected' button


5. Create a job using the QJC (Quick Job Create)

6. Select the Asset in the Add Activities section

7. Only the linked activities to the asset will be available.

If the activities are not being displayed it could be due to the activity not being active, not assigned to the client for the site or it may not be available for the work log type selected. 



8. Once the job has been raised you can see the link between the Asset and Activity on the Job Activity tab.