Oneserve 12.2 - 29th May

Release Notes

Below is the full list of enhancements and fixes in our new Oneserve version



Development IDSystem AreaDescription
OSD-2855 Creating a Job The coding field on the QJC can be made mandatory for users by using a new user type right called QJC - Make Coding Mandatory (QJC_CODING_MANDATORY)
OSD-3423 Sites The site status for Sold has been added to the dropdown for status on a site. This status can also be used on the new site search page
OSD-3424 Stock Management  A new client param setting to default the parts invoice line selection to be Goods Receipts or Parts. Without the setting turned on it will default to the parts look up when you add lines to the invoice. If you would like to activate the client param please contact
OSD-3389 User Type Rights - Sites There are new rights to control the 'Create Job' and 'Create Work Log' options that appear on a site
OSD-3424 User Type Rights - Stock New user type rights to control the paid and edit buttons on the Parts Invoice pages.



Development IDSystem AreaDescription
OSD-2571 Stock Management When you are requesting a part on a job there is a limit of 9991999.99 for the quantity field. If you try and raise a part with a higher quantity you will receive a warning message
OSD-3359 Oneserve Login Improvements made to the 'Forgot my password' function on the login screen to work on IE.
OSD-OSD-3384 Scheduling The green overlay box that appears on the scheduler when an appointment is being rescheduled has been removed. This is because it could cover the holding area if there are a lot of site details to display. You can still double click on the appointment to view more information.
OSD-OSD-3431 Job History We have resolved the issue where deleted activities were showing on the job history when a new version was submiited. The job history will now show the original activities followed by the new set of activities.
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