Oneserve 12.4 - 24th July

Release Notes


Below is the full list of enhancements and fixes in our new Oneserve version.



Development IDSystem AreaDescription
OSD-3433 Scheduler Rules controlling how different appointment types display on the scheduling screen have been simplified to eliminate confusion. Appointments now always take precedence and display over the top of all other time types. We have also altered the display of appointments so that underlying time types are always visible.
OSD-3189 Work Programmes This new function allows users to set up cyclical work in Oneserve, with appointments created automatically. See the help centre for more information on setting up Work Programmes for your organisation.
OSD-3187 Job Versions Further backend improvements to how job versions are stored in the database. Improving performance for users accessing previous job versions in the application.
OSD-3470 Job Attribute Versioning Improvements to the way job attributes are stored in the database. Improving perfomance for users in this area of the application.
OSD-3518 Job Events Backend improvements to how job events are stored in the database. Improving performance for users when accessing job event information in the application.
OSD-3467 Cache Improvments Improvements to the cache replication. Giving users have a more seemless experience when switching between different servers during a session.



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