Average Appointment Duration Per Resource



Oneserve Analytics can be used to create many useful reports to provide insight into the day-to-day workings on your mobile workforce. Below is an example of how to generate a report on the average time taken to complete appointments by resource.


  • Select Job Appointment as your Data Source and choose the relevant fields you wish to filter by. You will need to include Appointment Resource, Appointment Actual Start Date, and Appointment Actual End Date


  • To calculate the appointment time in minutes, create a formula column to combine the Appointment Actual End Date and Appointment Actual Start Date and return the value in minutes using the following syntax:
datediff(n, [Logi_Appointment.Appointment Actual Start Date],[Logi_Appointment.Appointment Actual End Date]) 


  • To filter out all jobs for which there is no appointment start date, create a filter column with the following settings:
    • Filter Column - Appointment Actual Start Date
    • Comparison - Not =
    • Value - Specific Date (leave this blank)


  • [Optional] - Add a grouping column to produce more readable results. In this example, Appointment Resource has been chosen


Create a Chart

Charts can be generated to visualise the data. In this example, a bar chart has been chosen with the following values:

  • Label Column - Appointment Resource
  • Data Column - Appointment Duration (mins)
  • Data Aggregation - Average


Create a Crosstab

Another option to display the data would be to use a Crosstab, you could compare the average duration against work types/service for each resource. This would highlight what type of jobs are taking the longest for engineers to complete. In this example, the following values have been used:

  • Header Values Column - Job Service
    • Work Type or Work Log type can also be used depending on your criteria
  • Label Values Column - Appointment Resource
  • Aggregate Values Column - Appointment Duration (mins) (this should match the name of your formula column)
  • Aggregate Function - Average


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