Appointments Not Completed On Time



Oneserve Analytics can be used to create many useful reports to provide insight into the day-to-day workings on your mobile workforce. Below is an example of how to generate a report on the percentage of appointments completed on time by each resource.


  • Select "Job Appointment" as your data source
  • Include the Appointment Planned Start/End Dates and Appointment Actual Start/End Dates in your results


  • Create a CASE formula to identify if the appointment was completed on time or not:
    WHEN [Logi_Appointment.Appointment Planned End Date] < [Logi_Appointment.Appointment Actual End Date]
    THEN 100 
    ELSE 0


  • Add the formula as a Number data type. You will see a new column added to the report table


  • To only select appointments which have been completed, you can use the filter Appointment Actual End Date != with a blank date value
  • If you would like to only see jobs that have not been completed on time, you can add another filter for Percentage Completed on Time = 0


Create a Chart

Charts can be generated to visualise the data. In this example, a bar chart has been chosen with the following values:

  • Label Column - Appointment Resource
  • Data Column - Average of Percentage Completed on Time