Jobs per Work Log Type



Oneserve Analytics can be used to create many useful reports to provide insight into the day-to-day workings on your mobile workforce. Below is an example of how to generate a report comparing the quantity of jobs against Work Log Types. This report can be used with Job Service or Work Type instead of Work Log Type.


  • Select Job Activity as your Data Source and choose the relevant fields you wish to filter by. You will need to include Work Log Type, Work Type, or Job Service depending on what you're searching for


  • Filter out jobs that have a Job Status of Cancelled or Aborted by using the Not In List comparison value. You can enter other job statuses in the value field


  • [Optional] - Add a grouping column to produce more readable results. In this example, Work Log Type has been chosen


  • Create an aggregate column to count the number of times a Work Log Type appears


Create a Chart

Charts can be generated to visualise the data. In this example, a bar chart has been chosen with the following values:

  • Label Column - Work Log Type
  • Data Column - Job Ref
  • Data Aggregation - Count


Create a Crosstab

A Crosstab is useful if you would like to compare the amount of jobs from one month to another. You will need to use a date column such as Created Job or Job Started. You may need to go back to the data tab to add additional fields.

If you select the compare columns it will activate the percentages and colour fields. In this example the cross tab is looking at the amount of jobs from the previous month. If the jobs have decreased it will show as red but if the job quantity increases it will go green. The bigger the percentage the darker shade of colour.


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