Scheduler (Fixed) Overview


The scheduling page can also be called the Pooled Appointment screen. 

User Type Rights 
You can control the majority of fields on the scheduler, all the rights surrounding this page can be found here

Fixed and Pooled 

The scheduler will show if the appointment has been booked using the Fixed or Pooled screen with the [F] and [P]. Only appointments with the [P] symbol will be eligible to be moved using the Optimiser if you have it enabled. 

You can change the appointment type by double clicking the appointment and selecting Change Type. 

Working/Non Working

Calendars are set against teams and resource which will determine what time is non working(Dark Grey) and what time is working(Light Grey). More information about calendar times can be found here.

Working/Non working time will display behind any booked appointments, if you hover over the working/non working type you can see what type has been applied. This could be Holiday, Emergency, Sickness etc. 

To add working/ non working time events please review the resource working/non working time.


Site Regions

Site regions are assigned different colours during the configuration stage, if you select the Region Highlighter on the scheduler the appointments will change colour depending on what region the site is assigned to. This can be useful to make sure engineers are not working in multiple regions each day to cut down on driving time or if you receive an emergency you can see what engineer is in the area. 

Appointment Sequence 

Using the second highlight mode you can see if the appointment is the First, Second or Subsequence appointment for the job. 


Display Modes

Using the up/down area you can hide the fields for supplier, resources and service. 

Using the cross button you can hide all of the schedulers fields to maximise the screen space, this is useful if you would like to see the scheduler on a big screen. 

Supplier Field

You can select one or multiple suppliers. To select multiple suppliers click on one supplier and before clicking on the second supplier hold down the control button on the keyboard. This can be useful if you are rescheduling across multiple suppliers. Resources from the second team will appear at the bottom of the list. The resource name in the left column will indicate what team they belong to. 

Appointment Colours 

By default the scheduler will show different colours against appointment status, whilst the appointment is pending the appointment will be grey, in progress will be orange and completed will be green. The key will display what the colours indicate to. 

Changing Dates

The double arrow forward and back will move the scheduler by a week in either direction. The single arrows will change the scheduler by one day. If you would like to move to a specific date you can use the calendar box to select the date.

Days Displayed 

By default the scheduler will show one day at a time, you can increase the amount of days using the drop down next to the calendar. Seeing multiple days can be beneficial when you are scheduling multi day appointments because you can see what resource has the best availability.

Holding Area

Appointments can be dragged into the holding area for rescheduling, whilst in the holding area you can change the date, team, supplier before dragging the appointment out of the holding area onto an available resource. You will only be able to scheduler to an engineer that is available to do the job.



After rescheduling or making changes the appointment durations you can save the changes using the commit button or move the appointments back to the original time and resource using the reset button. Reset all users will move all uncommitted changes back to the original appointment settings. 


Multi Day Appointments

Multi day appointments can be identified using the tick box option if you double click on the appointment from the scheduling page.

The appointment will show over the top of non working time to highlight that the job will be ongoing until the next day.