Linking Jobs


Jobs can be linked together using the link job functionality. The link jobs will be displayed on the job details page on the web application.

User Type Rights - Link Job [JOBLI]

1. To link a job you will need to open on of the jobs
2. Under the Options dropdown select Link Job


3. Using the search box enter a job reference or address and pick the relevant job from the list.
4. Click on the submit button to create the link.


5. The details related to the link job will appear at the bottom of the job details page.Screen_Shot_2017-03-02_at_09.52.49.png6. To open the linked job select the job number

7. If you need to delete a job that has been linked click on the Delete buttonScreen_Shot_2017-03-02_at_09.53.03.png


You can have multiple jobs linked together, once a job has been linked you can use the Add Link button under the job list to link additional jobs. 

The search box will not show jobs that have already been linked to that job or the job reference for the job you are on. 



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