Jobs With Activities



jobsWithActivities() is a function used to return jobs which have activities assigned to them. This can be used to filter jobs by their associated activities, resources, teams, and completion status.



job IN jobsWithActivities(1,2,3,4)

  1. Activity Code or All
  2. Activity Completed: True for complete or False for incomplete
  3. Team name or All
  4. Resource name or All


  • Return jobs with activity code 1234, where the activity is complete, the team is "Direct Team" and the resource is "Mike Torn"
jobsWithActivities(1234,True,'Direct Team','Mike Torn')
  • Return all jobs with any activity that has not been completed for any team and any resource
  • Return jobs with particular activity, where 102907 is the activity ref
job IN jobsWithActivities(102907,true,all,all)


  • Return jobs with incomplete activities per team/resource
job IN jobsWithActivities(All,False,".Direct Team",Mike Torn) 


You can apply additional filters using Advanced Searching syntax to create more bespoke views. For example, you can combine jobsWithActivities with hasPendingAppointment to show jobs with incomplete activities and no pending appointment. This can be used to create a view to find jobs which require appointments to complete activities.

job IN jobsWithActivities(All,False,".Direct Team",All) AND hasPendingAppointment = 'False'