When you create a job you need to select a Priority which indicates how long your business has to complete the work within the agreed timeframes (SLAs). The timeframes could be set by your clients/partners or internally.

Priorities are mapped to Work Types. When you create a job and select the activities it will show the linked priorities.


  • User Type Right - Priorities [PRS] Provides access to the Priorities Page under the admin menu.

Creating a Priority

  • Select the Cog icon to open the Admin menu.
  • Select Priorities from the Job section.
  • If you have already created a Priority it will be displayed in the list view.
  • Use the + icon to create a new Priority.


  • Complete the new Priority form as follows:


  • Priority Name - Please note, priorities cannot have a name over 50 characters long. If they are, this will cause an error within the system.

  • Response Time - The response and resolution can be in days or hours. Define which you wish to use by putting an H or D after the value.

  • Exclusion Days - This allows you to remove days of the week from the Priority and will have an affect on the target date on jobs. This is useful to exclude the weekends from standard/routine priorities.

  • Priority Order - The order column will determine the place the Priority will appear in the Priority list on the QJC. If you do not set an order the Priorities will be displayed in the order they were created on the system.

  • Display Delay Days - This field relates to the day you open the scheduler. If the value is 0 you will open the scheduler on the current day, if the value was 10 the scheduler will start on the date for 10 days in the future. This can be useful for planned work with a long priority time.

  • Dashboard Risky Period Threshold - On the new search page you can use a column called Risky Date to highlight jobs that are at risk of going out of target. For example, your job has a priority of 5 days so you could set your risky period to 4 days to allow jobs to be highlighted before they go out of target.

  • Appointment Notification Required - You will need to turn this setting on if you use tenant letters or SMS. If you have an emergency job that needs to be attended within a couple of hours you could turn the notifications off because the letter wouldn't arrive until a couple days after the appointment.

  • Cover Emergency Postcode - If this field is turned on it will use the emergency postcode coverage from the Resources when you schedule the job. For more information please view the Postcode Coverage guide.

  • Consider Exclusion Dates - Your priorities can be set to exclude particular dates such as bank holidays. To set the dates please review the Exclusion Dates guide.

  • Click on the Save button to save the changes.

Note: If you already have a work type configured, you will need to assign the priority to your work type.