Work Type: Document


Documents can be linked to a workflow step but they can also be printed manually on a job. The option to print a document will appear in the job well and the document options are controlled through the jobs work type.

User Type Rights:

Work Types [WEL]
Work Type - Documents Tab [WTDTR]
Document Categories [DDC]

Work Type Document

1. Select the Cog icon to open the Admin menu
2. Select Work Type link under the Job section
3. You can either create a new work type or select an existing work type
4. Open the work type you would like to modify and select the Work Type Document tab.

5. Existing documents that have been linked will be displayed in the table, the create new work type document can be found on the top right hand side.

  • Display Document Name This is the text that will appear in the drop down on the job.
  • Document Category - You can allocate read/write right against document categories to allow you to control who can print particular documents and reopen generated files. Information regarding document categories can be found here.
  • Document Template - If you have created a new document using the Document Template page on Oneserve you will be able to find your document in the dropdown
  • Legacy Document Template - If you have requested Oneserve to create a document on your behalf it will be available in this drop down.
  • Legacy Child Document Template - This can add further information to your template, e.g. you could display a cost table using the child document template to add it to the main invoice document. 
  • Assigned Cost Types - You can control what costs will be included on the printed document. 


Job Documents

Documents can be printed manually on the job once they have been assigned to the work type.

Once the document has been printed it will appear in the Documents tab.

The Document Category access rights have three levels, these levels are

None - User type will be unable to print or open documents using the category 

Read Only - User types will be able to open documents that have already been added to the job-document tab. They will not be able to print the documents 

Read/Write - User types will be able to print the documents using the drop down on the job, open documents that have already been printed and manually upload new documents. 

Document Categories 

1. Open the Document Categories page from the admin menu

2. Select the name to edit an existing category or enter the name of a new category at the bottom of the page and click on Add Document Category 

3. To control the access click on the modify button on the top right corner.

4. Use the radio buttons to select the correct access level for each user type. 


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