Overview Of The New Features

Overview of New Features

  • Linked job improvements
  • Exclusion dates for priorities
  • Control over work type documents
  • Scheduling showing working/non working time events
  • Search page enhancements
  • Job Activities 
  • Scheduler Improvements


Linked job improvements

A new table has been added to the job details page to display additional information regarding linked jobs. The new table will show the job ref, site address, site reference, supplier, priority, target date and job status. 

Exclusion dates for priorities

Job target dates are calculated by applying the job priority to the current date. Priorities can be set to exclude different days of the week or you can use the exclusion date functionality. This functionality can be useful to exclude bank holidays to make sure your jobs do not go out of target on a bank holiday.  


Control over work type documents

Using document categories you can control who can print documents using the drop down on the job page, regenerate existing documents on a job and who can upload new documents to the documents tab on a job. 


Scheduling showing working/non working time events

If you enter notes against a working/non working events for resources or team the note will be displayed on the scheduler when you hover over the event.



Search page enhancements

  • A new column has been added called Completed Appointment Resource.
  • A new column and filter has been created for Completed within target 
  • Job Contact has been added to the job search. The columns are called Contact 1 and Contact 2
  • Improvements to the Activity function to pick up changes to job activities


Job Activities 

Two new options have been added to the Job Activity page for Bulk Complete and Bulk Delete. If you are using job versioning you will need to create a new version before the options are available. You can use the tick boxes for the activities you would like to change.


Scheduler Improvements

Multi Day Appointments 

  • The scheduler has been modified to allow working time events to beed added to resources when they have a multi day displaying overnight. Eg Out of hours work/Emergency
  • A fix has been applied to stop multi day appointments receiving a planned end date of 1970 if the appointment was scheduled and the duration altered before it was committed.

General Appointments 

  • Appointments on the scheduler will now show activity service instead of job service. 

  • When you are dragging appointments on the fixed scheduling screen it filters out resources who are not available for the job. Once you hit commit it will reset the scheduler to display all of the resources within the team without the need to refresh the scheduler.
  • A fix to allow the reset on the scheduling screen to send new appointments back to the holding area.
  • The cancelling appointment reason functionality has been added to the scheduler. If you double click on an appointment you can open the appointment details pop up, the cancel appointment button will be available. If you would like to turn this setting on please email



Please review the release notes below to see all of the new enhancements and fixes.

Release notes for the Autumn upgrade



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