Oneserve 13.3 - 28th September

Release Notes

Below is the full list of enhancements and fixes in our new Oneserve version



Development IDSystem AreaDescription
OSD-3599 Documents Document categories were already used to control who could upload or open existing documents on the job documents tab. This functionality has been applied to the document dropdown onthe job page to control what documents each user type can generate. This can be useful to limit the users who can print Invoice or quote documents
OSD-1705 Documents The dropdown for the available documents on the job page will now show documents with a name up to 50 characters.
OSD-3679 Job Cost A warning message has been added to the cost delete button to ensure users need to cancel the job cost before its removed
OSD-3630 Job Search There is a search query called jobsWithAppointments and you can specify the appointment status and resource. At the moment you could use jobWithAppointments(All,David) this would have returned all pending and in progress appointments for David, the enhancement involves the Complete appointment status being added to the All parameter
OSD-3680 Job Versioning A warning pop up has been created to ask for conformation before cancelling a job version. This was added to prevent users accidentally cancelling job version thinking it was the create version button.
OSD-1469 Jobs The cancel/abort job button use to have the types as Cancelled-Raised in error and Aborted-Due to other reason. The types have been renamed as Cancelled and Aborted because the second part was misleading. The reasons for cancellation can still be configured to capture why the job needs to be cancelled or aborted
OSD-3697 Scheduler We have a setting to ensure a reason is entered when an appointment has been cancelled on the job-resource tab. This functionality has been added to the scheduler. If you double click on an appointment you can open the appointment details pop up, the cancel appointment button will appear on the left hand side and the reason box will appear once it has been selected. If you would like to turn this setting on please email
OSD-3636 Site Search A new column has been added to the site search page for Site Archived to show true or false. A new filter called site archived can be used to retrieve the information you need.
OSD-3594 Surveys You can set default values against attributes on a survey, this will allow the possible answers to be pre selected on the mobile. This can help speed up the process for engineers completing their surveys on the mobile if they are always selecting the same answers.




Development IDSystem AreaDescription
OSD-3627 Additional Appointment A fix has been created to ensure the additional appointment reason provided on the mobile application is available on the desktop application.
OSD-2576 Cost Year The date pickers on the create cost period page are now functional
OSD-3681 Mobile Adding multiple activities on the mobile using the shopping basket functionality was applying the same activity code against all new activity on the mobile even though they were displaying correctly on the desktop application. This has been resolved to ensure the new activities are added with the correct code on the mobile.
OSD-3633 Scheduler The job description within the appointment detail pop up on the scheduler has been limited to 30 characters. This is to stop the description from being too large and covering the save button at the bottom of the pop up
OSD-3574 Scheduler A fix has been applied to stop multi day appointments receiving a planned end date of 1970 if the appointment was scheduled and the duration altered before it was committed.
OSD-3602 Site The date picker on the site page for live date has been activated so you receive a calendar pop up when you click on the field
OSD-3623 Users We held a user key against each user to hold a default supplier, if the supplier id was no longer active or valid it was causing login issues. This problem has been resolved.
OSD-2949 Work Log Type The cancel button on the work log type page has been improved so it takes the user back to the previous work log type list page.
OSD-2782 Workflow Using the workflow builder you can set events against transitions so you can view when a job has been proceed in the job history. You were unable to remove the event once it had been applies to the transition on the workflow page, this has been fixed.
OSD-3718 Optimiser When the optimiser ran it was ignoring the fact that a pooled appointment was fixed to a specific resource. This has now been fixed. 
OSD-3719 Worktype Attributes When reordering attributes on a worktype the values stored against these attributes was being removed from the job details page. This issue has now been fixed.  
OSD-3721 User Type Right  Users without the user type right 'Modify Job Attributes [MJA]' were still able to edit job attributes. This issue has now been fixed. 


Other release notes for the Autumn upgrade

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