Completed Within Target


Any text in blue can be copied into the advanced box on the search page. 

Details on how to create searches can be found under Creating a Search View

Completed Within Target

The job search contains a completed within target column which displays true or false to say if the job is within or out of target. The column will compare the Job End date with the Target date.

1. Create a new view by selecting the 'All Job' view

2. Using the cog icon on the right hand side add the column for Completed Within Target. You may also want to add in the start date, end date and target date to display the different dates on the job.

3. There is a filter called Completed Within Target, using the toggle button you can set the filter to be true or false.


If you are using the advance filter box you can use the text in blue below. (If you are using multiple filters you will need to use AND in-between the filters)

completedWithinTarget = 'true'
completedWithinTarget = 'false'


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