Oneserve 13.5 - 26th October

Release Notes

Below is the full list of enhancements and fixes in our new Oneserve version


Development ID  

System AreaDescription
OSD-3770 Codes The code page under the admin menu has been set to filter out inactive codes by default. There is the option to include inactive codes if you need to search for one and make it active
OSD-3737 Job API The field for Job Reference has been added to our Cancel Job API. This will be used by our implementation team for new interfaces
OSD-3801 Scheduler Appointments on the scheduler were displaying the service from the job or the value used within the service box on the scheduler if it had been modified. The appointments have been altered to match the service provided on the activities for that appointment. Jobs can only have one service so by using the activity service the scheduler will show the relevant service for individual appointments and not the overall job.
OSD-3768 Services The services page under the admin menu has been set to filter out inactive services by default
OSD-3763 Work Type Against the document tab on work type you can specify what documents can be used on jobs, if you are assigning invoices or quotes you have the option to select what cost types should be used eg activities, engineer rates or stock. The list has been amended so you can see if a cost type has been made inactive before selecting it or removing it from a document
OSD-3838 Quick Search Box The quick search box has been set to start searching after three characters have been entered.This is to stop the search box from searching all jobs and sites when the box is selected. The benefits will be related to performance due to the page not loading all the data every time it is used. 



Development IDSystem AreaDescription
OSD-3619 Attributes A change to our Create Job API to pre-populated attributes for the relevant job surveys
OSD-3775 Calendars We have removed deleted calendars from the calendar drop down on the Team and Resources pages.
OSD-3805 CSV Import The tool to upload csv import files for sites and contacts has been modified to stop the import tool freezing on the loading screen
OSD-3803 Job Search Improvements have been made to the search page to pick up changes to activities on jobs. If new activities are added to the job or removed it will update your searches if you are using the jobswithactivities() function.
OSD-3798 Scheduler When you are dragging appointments on the fixed scheduling screen it filters out resources who are not available for the job. Once you hit commit it will reset the scheduler to display all of the resources within the team without the need to refresh the scheduler.
OSD-3799 Scheduler If you had a 0 minute job it would default to 5 minutes for the appointment so it can be seen on the scheduler. If the appointment was rescheduled it caused the duration to be recalculated which resulted in the appointment being removed due to it being 0 minutes. We had applied a fix which will stop appointments defaulting back to 0 minutes.
OSD-3800 Scheduler A fix to allow the reset on the scheduling screen to send new appointments back to the holding area.
OSD-3791 Site API A fix to allow our create site API to assign the correct attributes to the site
OSD-3802 Work Programmes The option to export the details for work programmes sites to csv has been made available


Other release notes for the Autumn upgrade

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