Job Notes

Notes are used on several areas of the system to record additional information against standard job function. The event and the notes will appear on the job history which will record the date/time and user who performed the action.

The notes will appear in different dropdown therefore they need to be configured before they can be used. We have system settings to turn on some of the note types listed below. If you would like to turn on any of the system settings please create a support request through the help centre portal. 

User Type Rights: Notes [NOTE_LIST]

Creating a new Note

1. Select the Cog icon to open the Admin menu
2. Select the Notes link under the Job section

3. Use the plus icon at the top of the screen to create a new note

4. Enter the name for the note

5. Select the type of note it belongs to. The different types have been listed below

6. The note will be made active by default by you can toggle the active switch to make it inactive.

7. Click on create to add the note to the system.



Note Types

Additional Appointment Reason 

Used on the Mobile to provide the list of options under the Additional Appointment button. You can also use the option if you manually update an appointment on the desktop by going to Job - Resources - Select the U against appointment. 

System Settings
Additional appointment reason mandatory (AAPMA)- Requires the mobile resource to enter a reason when they are selecting one of the predefined additional appointment reason.

The reasons can be used on the search page to capture jobs requiring a new appointment. 

Appointment Cancelled Reason

After a user selects cancel appointment you can require a reason to be entered. The options to do this is on the scheduler by double clicking on the appointment and selecting Cancel Appointment or using the C button against the appointment on Job - Resource tab. 

System Settings
Cancelled appointment requires a reason (CANRQ) - This setting will require a reason to be entered into the pop up before the user can cancel the appointment. 


Appointment Late Start Reasons

If the appointment was started later then the planned start date on the desktop you will need to enter a reason as to why.

This option is available after clicking on the U button against the appointment on the Job - Resource tab

 Appointment Referred Reasons

After selecting the Refer Job button on the right hand side of the scheduler you will need to enter a reason why. A search view can be created to capture all referred jobs for another user to go in and reschedule the appointments. 


Appointment Rescheduled Reasons

If you are rescheduling an appointment you can capture a reason why. The pop up for the reason will show if you drag and drop appointments on the fixed scheduler or on the pooled screen after selecting the R on the Job- Resource tab.

System Settings
Rescheduled appointment requires a reason (RESRQ) - This setting will require the user to enter a reason when they are rescheduling an appointment.

Appointment Special Request

The special requests on the scheduler will add the notes to the job history. Users can add text to the notes field or select the predefined special requests. 


Job Abortion Reason

If you abort a job you will need to enter a reason why. 

Job Cancellation Reason 

If you cancel a job you will need to enter a reason why

Job Notes

Job notes are applied to the job history, after selecting Add Message the user can select the Note from the dropdown. 


Late Scheduled Appointment Reason

If users are scheduling appointments past the target date they can enter a reason why it is booked after target. This could be due to the customers availability or requires special parts. 

System Settings
Show late booking alert (SLBA) - If the appointment is scheduled after the target date it will flag the job as out of target. You can have a pop up box to record why the appointment is out of target.



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