Oneserve 14.0 - 9th November

Release Notes

Below is the full list of enhancements and fixes in our new Oneserve version



Development IDSystem AreaDescription
OSD-3811 Appointment API A change to our Appointment API to include a notification flag to allow SMS messages to be queued for appointments created automatically.
OSD-3769 Calendar Rates Under calendars you can add and remove rate types. A fix has been added to stop the calendar saving the changes and closing the edit mode after deleting one rate type. Now users can delete multiple rate types without the need to save the changes after each removal.
OSD-3827 Job Cost A new column for last modified has been added to the job cost table. This is to help trigger updates to occur in the search page as the refresh will work off the modified date.
OSD-3738 Job Notes A new page has been created to allow users to manage job events such as Additional Appointment Reasons, Cancel Job Reasons and Appointment Rescheduled Reason. A full list of note types have been added to the attached documentation for this item. 
OSD-3748 Mobile - Notes After submitting a note against the appointment on the mobile application it will direct the user back to the appointment detail screen instead of remaining on the note screen. This will make it easier and quicker for the mobile users to complete appointments.
OSD-3749 Mobile - Signature After saving a signature on the mobile application it will direct the user back to the signature detail screen where the user can have the option to enter a second signature or return to the appointment detail screen.
OSD-3767 Scheduler Calendar Enhancements have been made to our Scheduler Calendar. When the page loads it will not select any resources by default, before it would select all users which caused the scheduler calendar to have a long page load time. The date range has been set to day by default, you have the option to select Month, Week or Day.
OSD-3777 Survey The survey page contained fields to enter a value against rows displayed on the PC and PDA, the data from these fields were no longer used by the system so they have been removed.
OSD-3771 Teams The resource tab under the team page has been updated to allow users to search for a resource. The page will also filter out inactive resources by default with the option to include inactive users when they are required.
OSD-3722 User Type Right A new user type right has been created to determine if a user can view the job attributes on the job details screen. We have an existing right to control if a user can edit the job attributes
OSD-3809 User Type Rights A new user type right has been created to provide access to the Advance button on the search view page. Without the right the users will be able to use all of the basic filters but the advance button will be greyed out. If the user has an advanced view shared by another user they will be able to see the text in the advance window but will be unable to make any changes.



Development IDSystem AreaDescription
OSD-3825 SMS Events A change to how the event is handled for SMS queue and SMS sent. The events will be applied to the job history automatically when the SMS is generated, send and returned messages.
OSD-3828 Bulk Job Update A change has been applied to the bulk job update screen to change the invoice field to be a text field instead of a drop dow. With it being a drop down the bulk job update was downloading a high level of data causing the page to become very slow and unresponsive to use.
OSD-3766 Site The site tabs have been updated to fix the redirect links on the Site - Contact tab and Site - Document tab. Before the change users would add a contact and after submitting the changes the page directed to the documents tab instead of remaining on the contacts tab.


Further release notes included in the Winter upgrade



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