Part Category


Part categories are used on the Create Part screen to allow grouping of parts. You mobile engineers will be able to use the categories on the mobile application when they are assigning parts to appointments  

User Type Right: To access the page you will need Part Categories [SMCPCL] and the right for Stock [ADMIN_STOCK] is required to see the stock section on the admin menu

1. Open the admin menu and click on Part Categories 

2. To add a new part category select the plus + icon .

Once the new category has been created you will be able to add a new or update existing parts. 


Mobile engineers will be able to view all categories when they open the part tab and select add part to job. 


Part Categories cannot be removed if you have parts assigned to it. Once the parts have been reassigned to a different category you can use the tick box next to the category and click on the bin icon. 

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