Oneserve 14.1 - 24th November

Release Notes

Below is the full list of enhancements and fixes in our new Oneserve version


Development IDSystem AreaDescription
OSD-3637 API LocationContact  The locationContact API has been altered to allow site details to be modified and apply the changes to open jobs for the site.
OSD-3735 Filter boxes Search filters used throughout the application have been updated to work on wildcard criteria. Users will be able to enter text into the search boxes and the results will display all values where the text matches combinations of characters within the data. Before the change the search fields would only display results where the search matched the data in the exact order it was entered.
OSD-3744 Site Search The site/contact field on the create job screen has been improved to return the sites that match the text entered into the search the top followed by sites that contain part of the search criteria. This will help find the correct site quicker as it will appear near the top of the results. 
OSD-3102 Stock - Part Category A new configuration page has been created for Part Categories. This page can be accessed under the Admin menu and it will allow users to create and manage part categories which are used on stock parts.
OSD-3826 Team The green and red dots on the team page have been removed as they caused confusion over teams being active or inactive. Teams can be made inactive by opening the team and modifying the details.


Development IDSystem AreaDescription
OSD-3895 Activity Purchase Orders The order date will automatically populate with the current date when users create a Purchase Order from the activities on a job
OSD-3928 API Create Job A fix to allow the CreateJob API to use the contact mode 4
OSD-3869 User Type Rights - Stock We have rights around the print options on Purchase Orders and Part Invoices. One right will allow orders to be printed before it has been completed and a second right to print completed orders. These rights have been modified so they can be used separately or together.


Further release notes included in the Winter upgrade

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