Teams Overview

The team configuration is key to the scheduling within Oneserve. The team holds the post code areas that are covered and the services that are offered in these areas.
These criteria determine whether a job can be created for a specific team, otherwise the team cannot be selected.
It is recommended that team are grouped into zones for the following reasons:
  • To reduce the number of resources per team to improve performance of the resource scheduler.
  • To improve drive times. Although the scheduler can optimize appointments, it cannot move appointments from the agreed slot with a customer. It is therefore possible for the user to make a pooled appointment first thing in the morning on the one side of the area, then other appointments across the area, and inevitably another pooled appointment for a different slot e.g. PM in the same area as the very first appointment of the day. The scheduler won’t be able to optimize these appointments as it is only looking at a single slot at a time.
Reducing the area in which a group of resources work will reduce the probability of this scenario and improve drive times.