Logging a Support Ticket via the Help Centre

As a System Admin, should you not be able to find a resolution to your issue, the Oneserve Support Team can help you. The following instructions will help achieve a quick resolution.

If you are not a System Admin, please do not use these instructions. Instead, speak directly to your System Administrator.

To access Oneserve’s Zendesk portal, you can either navigate directly: Or click on the “?” icon from the Oneserve app toolbar as shown below.


Next click on the “Submit a request” button.



Now you will be presented with the following screen:


Essentially this is a form to fill in explaining the problem. The level of detail submitted can help speed up the time it takes to get it fixed.

Below are some examples of different requests with a good request line to show the level of detail that is beneficial and can speed up a resolution for your request. 

Request 1: Several jobs are not showing the right status.

Good Request 1: Job J00001 is showing as status “Pending”, but all activities are complete and it should be showing as the “Job Complete” status. I have attached a list of others.

Request 2: Please backdate these activities: Work Request 12 – Remove rubbish

Request 2: Please backdate these activities to have a new start date of 18th October 2017.

  • The work type is worktype1.
  • Code: abc12345
  • Work Request 12 – Remove rubbish
  • Current start date: Nov 3 2017

Note: When adding detail, if a colleague, who has no exposure to the issue, would be able to find/replicate the issue you have the right amount of detail.

Subject – The title of the issue

As you type into the subject you will see links to suggested articles from the help centre. You may find the answer to your question amongst this array of knowledge so please have a look before progressing your query.


Priority – Please assign a priority level for the ticket. The support team will review the priorities of the tickets once they have been raised to ensure the correct level has been applied.  

Area of the System - Select which area of the system you are submitting your request about.

Once you are satisfied your request has enough detail, click the “Submit” button


Reviewing your requests

You can now review your submitted job by clicking on the “My activities” button.      


Here you can review your submitted request at a glance, and click the subject to view the request in more details.

The status will tell you a bit more about what is going on with the request. In this example, Oneserve support are waiting to hear back.


To read the message and reply, click the subject to open the job.


Replying and Attaching a File

Type your message into the text box. When you are happy with what you have written, click “Submit”.

If you need to attach a file, there are two ways of doing so. You can either drag a file over the “Add file or drop files here” area or click the “Add File” button.


When clicking the button, a window will appear that will allow you to select your file. Navigate to the file location, select the file and click “Open”. This will upload the file and attach it to the job so that Oneserve can view it. Type your reply and click Submit once the file has attached.

The request will update with your latest reply and a notification will be sent to Oneserve to make them aware. The status of the job will also change back to “Open”.


Closing the request

If you are happy that your request has been fixed, you can close the request by ticking the “Please consider this request solved” box and hitting “Submit”


This will update the status to “Solved”, which you can see on your activities screen.


Reopening your Requests 

If you find that you need to reopen the request, simply click on the link in the subject, type out your reply and click Submit. This will notify Oneserve that the job has been reopened.


Filtering Requests 

Over time you may have several requests in this list. To make things easier to find, you can filter by status by clicking the “Status” drop down list.


This will present you with all the different status’ you can filter by.



Throughout this process you will receive email notifications when certain triggers are met. A few examples of these are:

  • Request creation
  • Request update from Oneserve
  • Request closure

These notifications will contain the Reference number relating to the job. Keep this to hand because if you need to speak to Oneserve over the phone, they will ask you for the job reference number.


Rate and comment

Finally, once your request has been solved an email will be sent to you informing you of such. If you would like to rate your support and leave comments, click the icon with facial expressions at the bottom of the email.


You will be redirected to the response rating form. Select one of the 3 facial expressions, enter your name, and add any text you feel is necessary in the text box, then press “Send Rating”.


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