Oneserve 14.3 - 5th January

Release Notes

Below is the full list of enhancements and fixes in our new Oneserve version


Development IDSystem AreaDescription
OSD - 3819 Design The header in the application has been changed from blue to grey. The admin menu link has been move to the right hand side under the cog option
OSD-3982 Desk top Users A new licence count has been added to the system to keep track of desktop users, It will look at active users who do not have a resource assigned. The existing mobile licence count will continue to use active users with a resource assigned. The count will be displayed at the top of the user page. If you have further questions regarding the user limits please email our support team.
OSD-3945 Site amendments After a site address has been modified it will update all pending and in progress jobs for that site. A history event will be added to the work log to allows users to track who and when changes are being made to sites. To view the event you need to click on the Work Log Ref from the job details screen, once the work log has opened there will be a history tab.
OSD-3819 User Type Rights New rights have been created to increase the flexibility around access for the Team and Resource pages.The rights will cover access to the individual tabs against teams/resources and the edit option for service/skills
OSD - 3978 Work Programmes The code field has been added to the work programme site page, this will allow the code to be assigned to the job when the work programmes are executed.
OSD - 3979 Work Programmes Planned appointment duration is set against work programmes to determine how long the job should take. Users will be able to view the expected duration from the allocated activities but they have the option to override and enter the correct duration.



Development IDSystem AreaDescription
OSD - 4020 Assets A fix has been applied to stop deleted assets from the mobile appearing on the CP12 document when its printed by a desktop user.
OSD - 4046 CP12 Document The CP12 document creator has been modified to link the appointment to the signature. This will ensure the correct signatures are assigned to the document for each appointment
OSD - 3987 Job Versions The intermittent problem with creating job versions has been fixed.


Further release notes included in the Winter upgrade

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