Oneserve 14.2 - 7th December

Release Notes

Below is the full list of enhancements and fixes in our new Oneserve version



Development IDSystem AreaDescription
OSD-864 API The Cost and SOR fields have been removed from the Job State Change API as they are no longer relevant or used on this API
OSD-3890 Contacts Two new salutations have been added to the listed for contacts. The additional salutations are Prof and Rev
OSD-2184 Job Document The type against documents on a job will be represented with text for the file extension instead of images. The change was due to not all extensions having a image to represent the type.
OSD-3817 Job History The send to option has been removed for the job history tab as it is no longer used by the application. The send to functionality was linked to the old style dashboards which has since been replaced with the search views.
OSD-3865 Purchase Order The conformation window for cancelling Purchase Orders use to say delete, we have corrected the text on the conformation button to say Ok for the cancelation instead of delete
OSD-3867 Purchase Order The create new part option on the purchase order has been removed as it was not necessary to be on the page, parts can still be added using the part page under the stock module.
OSD-3930 Quick Search The quick search box in the application header has been improved to show additional address lines for sites. The second change will allow site addresses to be returned before the job references.
OSD-3934 Search The QJC site field and quick search will return site results that match any part of the search criteria.
OSD-3779 Site The validation has been improved on the add site page. The add site page would fail if the site reference wasn’t unique but the drop downs would reset to the default values, we have stopped the reset so the drop downs will retain the selected data.



Development IDSystem AreaDescription
OSD-3954 Conflicting Appointments The search fields for the conflicting appointment page have been fixed to allow the search criteria affect the results
OSD-3884 Letter Search The date pickers on the letter search screen will now use the calendar pop ups to select to the date range to search
OSD-3944 Mobile The mobile application has a shopping basket to add new activities to the appointment quickly. The correct quantities were being allocated to the appointment but a fix was required to ensure the text displayed on the mobile was correct.


Further release notes included in the Winter upgrade

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