Overview Of The New Features

Overview of New Features

  • Design change
  • Notes page
  • Part Category Page
  • Resource Page improvements
  • Team Rights

Design change

We have applied a new design to our desktop application, the change involves our new logo and a colour change to the menu bar. The admin page has been relocated to a cog icon and the create button will allow users to create jobs,sites,contacts and parts using the same button. 

Notes Page 

A new page has been created to allow users to manage job events such as Additional Appointment Reasons, Cancel Job Reasons and Appointment Rescheduled Reason. 


Part Category Page

A new configuration page has been created for Part Categories. This page can be accessed under the Admin menu and it will allow users to create and manage part categories which are used on stock parts.

Resource Page improvements

The resource tab under the team page has been redesigned. Only active users will now be shown as default but there is a option to display inactive users. There is a option to search for a resource on a team instead off searching for the resource one page at a time


Team User Type Rights

New rights have been created to increase the flexibility around access for the Team and Resource pages.The rights will cover access to the individual tabs against teams/resources and the edit option for service/skills


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