Oneserve 14.4 - 19th January

Release Notes

Below is the full list of enhancements and fixes in our new Oneserve version


Development IDSystem AreaDescription
OSD-4062 Mobile The login page for the mobile application has been updated to reflect our new company branding.
OSD-4062 Mobile Refreshing in progress appointment on the mobile application will cause saved signatures to be removed from the appointment on the mobile but not from the desktop. This will require the mobile user to enter the signatures again before completing the appointment. We have now stopped the signatures from being removed on a refresh.
OSD-4026 New/Create button The create button available in the header allows users to create jobs, sites, parts and contacts The Create Library Asset has been removed because it was not a daily activity, creating assets can still be archived by going to Admin - Library Assets. The Create Location has been renamed to Create Site.
OSD-4033 QJC The link on the QJC to create a new location has been renamed to be 'Add new Site'. This is due to location being used for description where the asset can be located within a site.
OSD-3993 Quick Search Archived and decommissioned sites have been removed from the quick search. These sites can still be located using the site search page.
OSD-3955 Scheduler The scroll bars have been modified to ensure the bottom bar is available when the browser window is very small. This will allow users to scroll across engineers working times as well as down to view all resources.
OSD-4032 Scheduler The job description displayed on the scheduler calendar and the pop up window on the scheduler has been expanded to include the full description. The scheduler will now use the full width of the pop up window to allow a longer description to be visible.
OSD-3882 Site Group/ Site Type The Site Group and Site Type options from the contacts header has been moved to the admin menu under a Site header.
OSD-3991 Stock
The option to 'Add Another' has been added to the part add screen when users are assigning parts to a purchase order. This will prevent users having to reopen the part selection form after they have allocated a part.
OSD-4034 System
The text for our error messages have been adapted to direct users to their super users before contacting support. All support queries should be submitted by a dedicated super user with efficient details on how the error was generated and screenshots where necessary
OSD-4012 User Access
The user type Application Provider has been removed from the user access page. This user type is used by Oneserve employees to assist our clients with implementation and support queries. The type was removed to avoid confusion on why its there and who uses it.
OSD-4009 Users
The username and password fields on the create new user page have been modified to stop the login details saved by the browser auto populating these fields
Work Programmes
The work programme pages have been moved to its own section under the admin menu. The cause field has been removed from the work programme list page as it was not required at this level, cause can still be viewed and altered once a individual work programme has been opened.



Development IDSystem AreaDescription
OSD-4027 Asset Search The location filter on the QJC has been renamed to Site as the filter is linked to Site Name.
OSD-3877 Bulk Job Update The Bulk Job update has been modified to calculate the cost column correctly from the job cost tab. Before the change the cost would not always be calculated correctly depending on what type of costs were applied to the job.  
OSD-4065 Cost Years A change to allow cost years to be created in the front end by ensuring the start time matches up with the end time of the previous year. If you have a gap between years it would fail
OSD-4066 Gas Surveys Modifications have been made to the mail merge used on printed surveys for the signature section. The survey will pick up the signatures entered for the appointment attached to the survey, if there is not a linked appointment it will use the last signature against the job.
OSD-4167 Post code display on the scheduler The display for appointments on the scheduler have been modified to stop the postcode from being cut off by the bottom of the appointment box
OSD-4102 Purchase Orders linked to jobs Purchase Orders can be linked to a job but if a job version is cancelled the PO would retain the link to that version instead of updating to use the previous active version. A fix is now in place to ensure Purchase Orders link to the latest active job version.
OSD-4166 Job Resource Tab A error causing the Job resource page from loading has been prevented. The error was caused by selecting the next transition button but when the transition screen was displayed the return to the job which cancelled the job transition caused the resource tab to error.
OSD-4092 Scheduler A scroll bar has been added to the holding area on the scheduler to allow all appointments to be visible when the count goes over 5
OSD-4153 Start and end time for appointments If appointments were set with a actual end date prior to the actual start time it caused the scheduler to experience performance issues as it couldn't display the appointments correctly. A fix has been introduced to stop the scheduler crashing when it loads the appointments with the incorrect dates.
OSD-4043 Team/Resources A fix to all the service history to be accessed against Teams and individual Resources


Further release notes included in the Winter upgrade

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