Spring Release Notes

New Job Page

The job page has been redesigned, some of the key changes are:

  • A new well at the top of jobs to hold key details (e.g Job  Ref, Client, work log type)
  • A new option button to group possible actions on a job e.g Cancel Job, Clone and link job.
  • Versioning button will appear above the options button, this will be for Create, Submit, Cancel and Approve version.
  • Collapsible job sections, it will remember the user’s preference for the next job that will be opened.
  • Hyperlinks are available for Supplier, Work Type, Workflow and work log types. The users will need to have the user type rights to access these pages.
  • The first three workflow transitions will be displayed in the well, additional transitions will appear in the more drop down
  • The modify screen will only display the fields that can be altered
  • The queue letters button to manually queue a notification has been moved to the options button.
  • Jobs with a New or Awaiting approval job status will show the version status in red to highlight action will be required.


New Site Page

The site page has been redesigned, some of the key changes are:

  • New well at the top of sites to hold key details
  • The option drop down covers Create Job, Create Work Log and create Estimate. This will depend on the user type rights allocated to the user
  • The Site Action dropdown is for Modify Site, Archive and Copy. This will depend on the user type rights allocated to the user
  • Site Status has been moved to the top to make it easier to view


Job/Site Attributes tab

The attributes that appear at the bottom of the Job Details page and Site Details pages have been relocated to a individual attribute tab. The tab is controlled by the user type right called 'Display Job - Attribute Tab' or 'Site Details - View Site Attributes' if you are on the site page.


User Type Page

The user type page has been redesigned and the functionality has been improved. 

Users will now have the option to copy the settings from an existing user type, the copy options include:

  • User Type Rights
  • Document Categories (The settings that controls what documents can be printed and viewed on a job)
  • User Type Access (Controls what user types can be viewed on the user page and limits what user types can be used during the create new user process)
  • Work Log Types (Controls what jobs the user type can create on the QJC)

The homepage field which determines the landing page when a user logs in has been changed to have a pre-defined list of pages. The options are

  • Search
  • Stock Search
  • Scheduler
  • Calendar View
  • If the options above are not suitable you can still enter the page URL you would like to use. 


Client Sets

Client sets have been created to improve the management of client to user relationship, with previous versions you were required to link every user to the new client. With the spring release you will be able to assign a client set to user accounts, after creating a new client you can add the client to the set and all the users with the relevant set will inherit access to your client. 

Client sets will be available under the admin menu for management and against users on the edit user screen. 

Clients can still be allocated to users on a one to one relationship so client sets are not mandatory. However it will be worth spending the time to configure client sets now to make it easier to set up new clients in the future. 


Users Page

The user page has been given an update with a new design. Some of the key changes include

  • Filters for User name, Name, User Type and Resource
  • New export functionality to csv 
  • Licence counts for Desktop and Mobile users have been separated and colour coded to make it easier to view
  • Once the licence count has been reached you will still be able to create new users but they will be set as inactive. 
  • Creating a new user will pre-populate the username using the forename.surname 
  • Client sets are available in the client field
  • With a left hand menu tab you can access to Client Sets and other pages within the user management section.


Several small changes have been added to the stock management area of Oneserve. 

Job Parts Tab

  • The Part column has been split into two columns to show Part Number and Part Description separately
  • The description field has been renamed to be Notes
  • The form for Adding/Requesting parts on a job has a new field for Notes.

Purchase Orders

  • The Part column has been split into two columns to show Part Number and Part Description separately
  • The description field has been renamed to Order Line Description
  • A new column has been added to show Notes
  • When you add parts to a PO from a job you can see the notes on the add panel which will also be transferred across to the notes column on the PO. This will help any clients using Ad-hoc parts.


Mobile Purchasing Parts

  • The Quantity Purchased and Purchase Ref fields have been removed on the parts tab against appointments. It will still be available with the part management area on the mobile. This can be access from the mobiles homepage. 
  • A new user type right to control if the purchase fields are available against Part in the part management section. ‘Display quantity purchase field on mobile [RECEIVE_PARTS_ON_MOBILE]’



Minor Changes

Development IDSystem AreaDescription
OSD-4099 Attribute Page The attribute page will now display attributes within a group in order of creation. You can modify the order of attributes on surveys when you assign them to Site Type /Work Type or Asset Type.
OSD-3818 Attribute Types Prevention has been added to the attribute type field on the attribute page, you will no longer be able to change the attributes type once the attribute has been used on a survey. The problem was if you changed the attribute type it would clear all the values saved against the attribute on all jobs and sites.
OSD-4379 Asset Status The asset modify page would display a loading failed error when you tried to change the status. The status dropdown will no longer show the error instead it will display the 3 status options.
OSD-4318 Bulk Job Update The bulk job update has a redirect after 5 seconds; the redirect has been removed for the option for printing survey documents because if you are printing a large amount of surveys it can take more than 5 seconds. The redirect will still occur if you choose to update the status of jobs. 
OSD-4267 Calendar View The Client name and client reference has been added to the calendar view page. This will show when you double click on the appointment to open the job details panel. (This page could also be called Scheduler Calendar, it is not the main scheduling screen) 
OSD-4118 Cancel Appointment API The cancel API uses the Job Ref and Client Ref for the appointment, the API will now use the latest appointment with the matching references. This will ensure appointments can be cancelled after they have been rescheduled multiple times, the original issue was due to the API only cancelling the first appointment in the list which would be a rescheduled appointment leaving the latest pending appointment still active.
OSD-4422 Client Page The client page will now show all clients instead of only displaying clients linked to the logged in user. This was required because users were reporting a issue with the create client process because it was not available in the client list after creating it, this was due to the additional step of assigning access for the users to see the new client. This has been prevented so a user will be able to see the client as soon as it has been created, to use the clients for jobs and sites you will still need to assign the client to a client set and users.
OSD-4087 Job Attribute The history against job attribute use to only show the surveys where the attributes were amended and not manual alterations to the attributes on the job. The history will now display changes from a survey, manual edit against one attribute and the bulk edit against all attributes. Remember attributes will now be displayed in their own tab on jobs.
OSD-4341 Job Status The colours indicating what group the job status belongs to have been modified. Ready for invoice is now a light blue and Invoiced is purple. For more information about Job Status and Groups please select the Job Status link in the system area column to access help guide. 
OSD-4424 Linked Jobs If you cancelled a job version which has linked jobs on it you would have lost the links. We have fixed this to ensure any linked jobs will remain on the job.
OSD-4320 Login Screen The login fields have been updated to ignore spelling. This was noticed by usernames being unlikely to be recognised as a word.
OSD-4052 Mobile Additional Appointment The Additional Appointment Reason button on the mobile is at the bottom of the options list, when you clicked on the button you had to scroll down to see the possible reasons to select from. The button has been modified to take the user to the bottom of the page once it has been selected so the user can select a reason easily.
OSD-4018 Mobile Survey The way surveys are display on the mobile has been modified to reflect the hierarchical structure of attributes and attribute groups that can be configured in the desktop app.
The Group will appear in grey at the top and each > will identify what level under the group it belongs to. 
OSD-4421 Quick Search The quick search will now allow spaces to be entered when you are searching using the Job's client ref. 
OSD-4289 Scheduler On the scheduler if you booked a fixed appointment over the current time line it would cause the appointment to appear on two rows. This has been fixed.
OSD-4326 Search - Site Location The basic filter for Site Location on the job search has been fixed so you can reuse this filter. It has been renamed to Site so it matches the other search pages.
OSD-4147 Search Views Searches can be saved as views and shared for job capturing and reporting. You use to have to click on the save button twice for a search to save, this has been fixed so you only have to click save once.
OSD-4290 Site Parent ID Validation has been added to prevent sites linking to itself through the parent site field.
OSD-4467 Surveys per appointment Surveys set to be populated on a job per appointments are removed when the appointment is marked as cancelled. We have added an additional check to only remove the surveys attached to the appointment being cancelled. This will stop all appointment surveys being removed from the job when only one appointment has been removed.
OSD-4241 Target Dates If a job was raised without a target date the job would error when the user tried to create an appointment or modifying job details to set a target date. Jobs without a target date now have the error message displayed at the top of the job details screen. The target date can be set without an error occurring.
OSD-4312 Team CIS Field After selecting modify team details the CIS field would default to null. The field has been fixed to allow to keep the populated value.
OSD-4146 Work Time Types The mobile application has been altered to take into account the Active flag set against work time types. Work time types are you Start Working/Start Travel buttons you engineers will see on their mobile devices. You can modify or create new types using the Work Time Type page under admin. Make sure you have the Work Time Types [WTT] user type right.
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