Work Time Types


Work Time Types are used on the mobile device and against the Resource tab on the desktop application. The types will record time spent on a job which will also add a cost value depending on the rate against service/skills on the resources and team pages. 

User Type Right - Work Time Types [WTT]

Creating a new type

1. Open the admin menu using the cog icon

2. Select 'Work Time Type' from the admin page

3. At the bottom of the table enter the name for the new type and select 'Add New'

4. Using the pencil icon set the active flag to true and productive to true

Set Appt Start Time, if this is set to false it will not direct the user to the survey tab if you have surveys set to 'Complete Before Work Starts', this will be useful for travel time. If it is true it will take you to the survey, useful for start working

Available when Appt in progress will control if the work time type button will still be available on the mobile on the appointment has started. 


Working Time Types on the mobile


The different time types will be recored on the resources tab within the time box. It will be split per resource and type.


If you have rates against your services on a team or resource level it will generate a cost row on the job cost tab. If you would like to set up rates please review the following help guide. 



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