User Types

User Types are mandatory for every user accessing Oneserve. It is a way to identify different roles within your company such as a Super User, Finance Officer, Mobile engineer etc. The type will determine the access level/permissions throughout all page on Oneserve and the functionality within those pages.

User Type Right - User Types [UST]

Creating a new user type

  1. Select the Cog icon to open the Admin menu
  2. Select User Type link under the Users section
  3. If you have already created a user type it will be displayed in the list view.
  4. Use the plus icon at the top of the screen to create a user type.

5. If you are creating a user type similar to one already on the system you can use the copy functionality. If its a brand new user type skip to step 4

User Type Copy Functionality 

1. Select the user type you would like to copy

6. You will have the option to copy four different types of access settings. Information related to each point can be found at the bottom of this page. 

    • Document Categories
    • User Type Access
    • User Type Rights
    • Work Log Types 

 7. Complete the fields within the New User Type window

Name - Needs to be unique 

Description - Short description to detail what the user type is intended to be used for

Category - Select from General,Supplier and Client.

    • General will be used for Desktop users
    • Supplier will make it easier to identify mobile users but its not essential to pick this category
    • Client - If you select this category it will ensure the users using the user type can only be assigned access to one Client. This is useful if you are allowing your client users to access Oneserve. 

Code - Needs to be unique, it will determine the order it will appear on the user type page. 

Home Page - Determines the page the user will be directed to after successfully logging into the desktop application. There are four predefined options but you can use the text field below to enter the url link for a different page.

Ensure your user type has the User Type Right for the homepage, without the correct access your users will not be able to login.

The rights required depending on the home page selection will be 

Stock Search - Stock Search [STOCK]
Calendar View - Calendar View [CALRS]
Search - Search [SEA_NEW]
Scheduler - Scheduler [RE4]
Create Job - Create Job [QJOBC]

Click here to see how you assign user type rights

8. Once you have completed the user type page click on the Create button


Modifying a User Type

1. Open the Admin menu using the cog icon
2. Use the filters to find the user type you would like to modify 
3. Click on the user type and the details will load in the form on the right hand side
4. Make the required changes and click on update. 


Deactivating a User Type

1. Select the user type you would like to deactivate

2. When the edit panel opens use the toggle switch for 'Active', set it to false before updating the user type. 

3. You will only be able to make user types inactive if they haven't been used on users accounts. If they have been used you will need to open the Users page and change the users to a different user type before repeating steps 1 and 2. 

Oneserve functionality controlled at the User Type level 

User Type Rights
If you create a new user type without copying the rights from another user type you will need to allocate the correct permissions for system. Details on how to assign rights can be found under User Type Rights.  

User Type Documents
You can control what documents a user types can download and view against Jobs. The settings are held under document categories on the admin page, information of how to control the settings can be found here

User Type Access
If the user type has the ability to use the Users page they to be provided with the access to see user accounts for different user types. You can configure what users every user type can see by using the User Type Access page on the admin menu.

Work Log Type
Against each work log type you can provide access to individual user types to control who can raise a job against that type of work. This will affect the Create Job screen. Information regarding work log types can be found here 

Search Views
Existing search views may need to be shared with your new user type, Details on how to share views and groups can be found here

Stock Approval Rules
Stock approval rules can be used to determine what Purchase Orders and Invoices can be approved or rejected using the total cost. The rules are applied to user types so each type can have a different rule. More information can be found under Stock Approval Limits

Job Approval Rules 
Job approval rules work off the job cost, against the rules you can pick the user types that should be able to approve or reject the job version after a variation. To create approval rules click here

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