Client Sets


Client Sets are designed to make it easier to maintain the link between clients and users. You can control what sites and jobs a individual user can access using the associated clients, users can be linked to multiple clients and multiple sets.

The user to client relation can be created on the user account page by selecting the client by name or the use of client sets. Client sets allow you to assign multiple clients into one group making it easier to assign user the correct client access.

Without the use of sets you would need to open every user account when you create a new client to assign the access link. With the client set you can assign your new client to the set and every user already linked to the client set will receive the client access. 

User Type Right - Client Sets [CLIENT_SET_LIST] 

Creating a new Client Set

1. Select the Cog icon to open the Admin menu
2. Select Client Sets link under the Other section
3. If you have already created a Client Set it will be displayed in the list view.
4. Use the plus icon at the top of the screen to create a Client Set

5. Enter a name for your new client set

6. Using the dropdown in the client field select the clients you would like to assign to the set.  

7. Use the create button to save the new client set


Using a Client Set on users

1. Select the Cog icon to open the Admin menu
2. Select Users link under the User & Permission section
3. Search and click on the user you would like to assign the Client Set to. 
4. In the client field for the user you can select your client set. The client dropdown will display client sets at the top of the list followed by the option to assign clients individually to the user. The sets will be identified by the text Client Sets in brackets after the set name. 

5. Once the set has been assigned and save the user will have access to all jobs and sites for the clients listed within the client set.