Work Programmes


Work Programmes enable you to schedule jobs and/or appointments on a planned/cyclical basis. The jobs/appointments will be automatically created in Oneserve based on the job creation criteria set up on the Work Programmes.

 User Type Right -  

  • Work Programmes [ADMIN_WORK_PROGRAMMES]
  • Work Programmes [WORKPROG_LIST],
  • Work Programme Sites [WORKPROG_SITE_LIST],
  • Site - Work Programmes Tab [SWP]

Adding a new Work Programme

  1. Select the Cog icon to open the Admin menu.
  2. Select Work Programmes from the Work Programmes menu.
  3. If you have already created a Work Programme it will be displayed in the list view.
  4. Click on the + icon to add a new one.
  5. Fill in the Work Programme details as below:
  • Work Programme - The name of the work programme must be unique.
  • Lead in Days - The number of lead in days you enter enables the system to automatically calculate when the next job will be created. Oneserve uses this calculation: Next due date - lead in days = date to create job. For example, if your next job due date is 21st March and you enter 7 lead in days, Oneserve will automatically create the job on 14th March. We recommend a minimum of 7 days.
  • Coding - The Code to be assigned to the job.
  • Owner - If you would like to set a job owner use this field to select the user account. When you create a job manually this field defaults to the logged in user but it can be amended on the job details page. 
  • Client - The Client the job relates to.
  • Work Log Type - The Work Log Type to be assigned to the job.
  • Priority - The priority to be assigned to the job.
  • Cause - The Cause to be assigned to the job.
  • Book Appointment - Set this to ON so that you can create an appointment on the job.
  • Appointment Delay Days  - If you turn on the 'Book Appointments' option the Appointment Delay Days field will become available.  

If you are using the Lead In Days field to create your job before its due you could benefit from setting the appointment delay days. This will allow your job to be created ahead of time so you know how much work you have coming up but you can prevent your appointment from being booked in the first available slot. 

This setting will allow you to make the full use out of your priority time, If you have a lot of work programmes with a couple of weeks against the priority you would not need all the appointments to be booked for the next day filling up your scheduler when you have emergency or higher priority jobs being reported


6. Click Save.


Adding a new Work Programme Site

  1. Select the Cog icon to open the Admin menu.
  2. Select Work Programme Sites from the Work Programmes menu.                     
  3. If you have already created a Work Programme Sites these will be displayed in the list view.
  4. Click on the + icon to add a new Work Programme Site.
  5. Fill in the New Site Work Programme details as follows:


  • Site - Select the site that the jobs will be created on. This is a filtered list of sites based on the client selected.
  • Work Programme - Select the work programme name from the drop down list.
  • Summary - Enter a summary for the work programme - it can be site specific.
  • Job Description - Description of job details, this will appear on the job detail screen and on the mobile device.


  • Add Activities - Select the activity codes to be assigned to the job. This only displays activities that are assigned to the chosen Work Log Type and Client.

    The Activity duration will then appear. This is used as the default duration of the appointment. This duration will be overridden by the value entered in the Appointment duration (minutes) field as discussed below.

  • Appointment duration (minutes) - The Appointment duration. Only to be used if you wish to override the activity duration.
  • Supplier - Supplier to be assigned to the job. If this is left blank a supplier will be auto selected by Oneserve.
  • Resource - The resource to be assigned to the job. This only shows resources that are assigned to the chosen supplier and cover the service. If this is left blank a resource will be auto selected based on the supplier and service previously chosen.

Set Recurrence

  • Frequency - Select the frequency of the job creation from the drop down list. Each selection opens up specific reoccurrence options as below:


Repeats Repeats Every Repeats On Day
Daily 1-30 Days N/A N/A
Monthly 1-30 Days Select the day of the week  The frequency of the repeat. For example, if you selected Monday as the Day (above) you can then select the first, second, third, etc Monday of that month for it to repeat.
Weekly 1-30 Days N/A Select the day of the week the job should be created.
Yearly 1-30 Days N/A N/A
Monday,Wednesday,Friday or Tuesday, Thursday or Every Weekday 1-30 Days N/A N/A


  • Next Date - Enter the date the next job needs to be created.

INFO - When you select a certain day using the month frequency, make sure you set the Next date to be the correct date in the month. If the date is not set to match the correct criteria, the work programme script will change the date to be the correct future date and not create a job.

The next date gets updated if a job creation is successful. If the job creation fails, the next date will stay as it is and if it still falls in the lead in time, it will get picked up again by the Work Programme Script and it will attempt to rebook it. If the job gets created but the appointment fails, an entry will be added to the Job History to show that it was unable to create an appointment. The Work Programme Script only tries to book on the due date (Next Date). If there is no availability, job creation will fail, so this may need to be booked manually.

It is recommend that the lead in date is set to at least 7 days, so if there are any failures there are more days for the system to try and recreate the job.

  • Relative to

If you would like to create jobs based off a site attribute this is the field to use instead of the next date. depending on what site chosen the dropdown will only show date attributes in the drop down. The work programme will work off this date and the frequency select. This will be useful for Asset Servicing. On the mobile application if you have a survey assigned to the appointment the mobile user will be able to update the attribute date on each visit which will determine when the next work programmes job will be created. 

  1. Click Create.


Work Programmes can also be added from the site details

  1. Select the Search menu to open the search view screen.
  2. Click on the Sites tab and click on the site to edit.
  3. Go to the Work Programmes tab.
  4. Click on + icon.
  5. Fill in the work programme details (as described in the Adding a new Work Programme Site section).
  6. Click Create.