Activity Purchase Orders


Purchase Orders can be generated using activity codes on a job. This can be useful if you need to create invoices for subcontractor labour. 

Before you get started you will need to check that your activity costs are set to the correct value before you start create purchase orders and invoices. 

User Type Rights:

[Create PO from activities - PO_FROM_ACT]
[Modify Activities - MWI]
[Teams - SSM]
[Purchase Orders - SMPOL]
[Purchase Order - SMPOE]
[Good Receipts - SMGRL]
[Good Receipt - SMGRE]
[Parts Invoice - SMPIE]
[Parts Invoice - SMPIL]
[Workflow - WORKFLOW_LIST]

If you are using stock approval rules the purchase order will default to the Awaiting Approval status when it has been created. If you are not using stock approval rules it will save as Submitted. 

We do have a setting that allows the Purchase Order to be submitted as draft to allow changes to be carried out before its submitted. If you would like to use this setting please raise a support request through the help centre portal. 


First step is to make sure your Supplier/Team is configure to have a default vendor.  

1.Open the Admin menu and select Teams. 

2. Select the team you need to edit

3. Click on 'Modify Team' which is in the top right hand corner. 

4. Select the required vendor from the drop down and save the changes. 

5. Change the costing method field to have the value 'Use Both', without this your purchase order will not show the cost value

If you need to create a new vendor you can use the Vendor user guide


On the Job

You can create a purchase order using selected activities on a job.

1. Open your job and select the activity tab (If you use job versions you will need to create a version first)

2. Check that your activity has a supplier listed in the supplier column. If it is blank you will need to use the pencil icon to enter the edit mode and assign a supplier.

3. Select the tick boxes next to the activities you would like to use for the purchase order.

4. Click on the Create PO at the bottom of the page.

5. The PO number should appear in the PO Ref column along with the PO status. This is a hyperlink so you can open the PO by clicking on the reference. 


Purchase Order and Good Receipts

1. You can open a purchase order from using the hyperlink on the activity or you can search on the PO page using the Job Ref.

2. If your PO is at a draft status you will need to move it to submitted or awaiting approval. To move the purchase order to received you will need to create a good receipt. 

3. Select the Good Receipt tab, Use the plus icon to create a new GR.

4. Enter a reference number(This could be the same as the PO). The vendor needs to be the same as the PO.

5. Once the GR has been created use the plus icon to add the PO. Use the 'Search PO' button on the top right hand corner.

6. Search for your PO

7. Select the relevant activities/parts and mark them as received. 

8. You will need to select a store you would like to allocate the cost to. (Details on how to create a new store can be found here)9. Once the GR has been marked as completed the PO status will be updated to Received. The status of the PO on the job-activity tab will also be updated to be received. 




Workflow transitions can be used to mark purchase orders as received automatically. This process will create a Good Receipt when a job passes through a certain stage. 

1. Open the admin menu and select the workflow page. 

2. Open the workflow you would like to modify and click on create a draft.

3. Select the transition you would like to use to generate the Good Receipt.

4. Turn on the Create GR option and click on the save button. This will show at the bottom of the screen.

5. Once you have completed the changes you will need to publish the version.

The activities on the job will need to be completed for the GR to be created


Once you have created the Good Receipts you can use the stock invoice section to generate a invoice to reflect the GR and PO. Details on how to do this can be found under invoices.


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