Store Type


For the stock management module you are required to use stores to contain your stock levels. Stores require a type to be assigned which is used to identify the store on the stock search page and the analytics tool. 

User Type Right: Store Types [SMCSTL], Provides access to the page under the stock menu. 

Creating a Store Type

  1. Select the Cog icon to open the Admin menu
  2. Select the Store Type page under the Stock heading
  3. Use the Plus icon to create a new type
  4. Enter a code and description
  5. Click on the create button to add the store type

If you would like to modify an existing store type select the Code or description to open the edit panel.

Using a Store Type

1. Open the Store page from the Stock menu

2. Select an existing store or use the plus icon to create a new store

3. The second field will display the available store types. This is a mandatory field.

More information can be found on the Store user guide. 

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