Work Log Types



The Work Log Type is the starting point for job creation. It is important to identify which Work Log Types you need before starting configuration. The Work Log Type groups work types together, e.g. Reactive will contain all Reactive work types.

There is an additional security level which only allows configured User Types to create Jobs with a certain Work Log Type.

The Work Log Type is selected on the Job create screen. It is used to determine what Activities and Costs would be available for the Job.

User Type Right

  • Work Log Type [WLTMI] - Provides access to the configuration page for Work Log Types


Creating a New Work Log Type

  • Select the Cog icon to open the Admin menu
  • Select Work Log Types from the Jobs menu section
  • If you have already created a Work Log Type it will be displayed in the list view
  • Click on the + icon to create a new work log type


  • Enter the details for the new Work Log Type as follows:
    • Ref - Name of work log type
    • Require Completion of Activities - This relates to the mobile application. If it is set to true the mobile users will need to complete activities before they can use the work complete button. If it is set to false the mobile users will see the work complete button before updating the activities. The false option can be useful for void work where you have appointments for pre and post inspection where activities will be added to the job but not completed on that appointment. Servicing jobs usually have this option set to true so the engineer has to prove they have completed the survey before finishing the appointment
    • User Types - Select the User Types that have the permission to create jobs with this Work Log Type
    • Work Types - Select from the list which Work Types should be grouped under this Work Log Type. Once you've selected the Work Types, the Work Log Type will automatically inherit the same settings including Job Priorities, Causes, Services and Activities


  • Click Save to commit your changes
  • Your new Work Log Type will appear in the list

To add activity costs for your new work log type, please check out the Activity Costs section