Custom Workflow Rights


Custom Rights are used to manage the access to move jobs between different job statuses using workflow transitions. Against every transition you can select a user type right (Condition) which are pre defined by Oneserve or using the custom rights option to create  your own rights. 

If you use user type rights on transitions the user type will require that right to be able to see and use the transition, depending on the right selected it may allow the user to access a another page within Oneserve or additional functionality that they didn't have previously. The benefits of using Custom Rights will allow you to create and use rights that only affect the individual workflow transition and not affect additional functionality in Oneserve. You can be sure the users do not inherit additional access by mistake. 

If you assign a right to a transition the user type will need to have the right assigned before they can see the next status options on a job.


User Type Right - Custom Rights [Custom_Rights]. Access to the admin page to create and maintain custom rights. 

Creating a new Custom Right

You can create custom rights using the admin menu or you can perform this action directly on the Workflow.


If you use the workflow approach you will need to open the workflow screen, create a draft on your workflow and against the transition you will see the option for +Add new custom right


Custom right page

1. Select the Cog icon to open the Admin menu
2. Select the Custom Rights link under the Users & Permission section
3. If you have already created custom rights they will be displayed in the list view.
4. Use the plus icon at the top of the screen to create a custom right

5. Enter a name and description for your new custom right.

For the description it can be useful to enter the name of the workflow or step name the right will be used for. This will make it easier to manage the rights in the future as you will be able to tell what it was intended for. 

6. Select the user types that will have access to this custom right, the add all button can be used if you would like to assign it to all user types.

7. Once you have completed the fields use the create button to add the right. 


User Type Right Management

You will be able to view the custom rights on the User Type Rights page. This page can be access using the tabbed navigation on the left when you are on the custom rights page or through the admin menu.

The Custom Workflow Rights will appear in the first list. Custom rights can be added or removed on this screen using the bin icon and the add right dropdown.



Once you have created your custom rights you can assign the rights to transition steps on a workflow. 

On the workflow screen you will be able to locate the custom rights using the name or the code CWR. All custom rights will automatically receive a code starting with CWR followed by a number. 

New Custom Rights can be created whilst you are creating workflow transitions using the '+ Add new custom right'. This will display the same input form without the table to show existing custom rights. 

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