Job Invoices


The Invoice page will allow you to view, edit and create invoice numbers for jobs. Invoices can be created on a add hoc bases or generated automatically through the workflow steps 

User Type Right: Invoice [INVCR] 


The Invoice table will show all job invoices in Oneserve, you can use the multiple filters to find paticular invoices.


Create/Edit Invoices

1. Open the Invoice page 

2. Use the plus icon to open the 'Add New Invoice panel'

3. You can enter a invoice number if you have been provided with one, if you leave this field blank it will auto populate with the next invoice number in the sequence. 

4. Complete the remaining fields on the invoice page

5. To edit or view a invoice you can click on the invoice line to open the additional panel. 

6. 4 fields will be greyed out and cannot be modified. This is because it forms the invoice history. 


Using Invoices

1. After you have created a invoice number you need to use the bulk job update to apply it to jobs. 

2. Select the bulk job edit icon from the search view page or the menu item.

3. After you select the jobs that need to be altered select the 'Bulk Job Update' option 

4. On the next page enter the invoice number in the first field and complete the bulk job update steps.


To auto generate invoice numbers for jobs you can use the workflow transitions. 

1. Open your workflow page from the Admin menu
2. Click on the workflow you would like to alter
3. Create a draft for the workflow if you haven't already 
4. Against the relevant transition open the edit panel, the bottom section for Post Functions have the toggle for CreateInvoice. Make sure this is set to On This is normally the transition that takes the job to a Invoice status or Awaiting Invoice check. 
5. After publishing the workflow draft your jobs will auto generate a invoice number and apply it to the job when you pass through the workflow transition.