Resources Tab



The resources tab on the job will show any appointments created for the job. If there is outstanding work (incomplete activities) you will be able to create a new appointment from this screen.

The bottom half of the resource screen shows resource travel and working time, this is populated using the data recorded on the mobile from you engineer. You can manually enter travel and working time to the job which will update the labour costs.

User Type Rights

  • Display Job - Resources Tab [JRE]


Booking New appointments

  • After creating a job you will have a button called [Schedule Appointment] at the top of the resource page. This button will only be available when the job has unassigned activities under 100% complete. By selecting this option it will take you into the scheduling page. For more information on scheduling appointments please see the scheduling appointments section


  • Once you have booked the appointment and return to the resources screen you will be able to confirm the engineer, date and time of the appointment. You can also Cancel, Reschedule and Update the appointment using the buttons under the actions button on the right hand side


Completed Appointment Information

  • Once the appointment has been completed the Actual Start Date, Actual End Date and Status information will be populated. Along with any notes the operative may have added to the appointment


  • The operative's time record will also be populated in the time table below


Manually Adding Resource Time

Note: All of these fields must be filled out in order to add a time record