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Views can be configured to show only jobs relating to the currently logged-in user using the syntax <Current User>. The Current User value can be used to show the owner of a job in the basic search views, as well as jobs with appointments assigned to the logged-in user when using the Advanced search views.



The owner field is populated on the QJC using the logged in user by default but it can be altered. The owner can also be changed on the modify job page.

  1. On the search page use the basic filter to find Owner

  2. Open the Owner dropdown and select the <Current User> option

  3. Run the search to show all jobs owned by the logged-in user

If the view is later shared with other users, it will show jobs for those users, not for the creator of the view.


In the Advanced search view, users will have the option to use OQL, which enables the option to search for appointments currently assigned to the logged-in user. This will be useful for mobile engineers who have access to the desktop application.

The syntax for searching appointments assigned to the logged-in user is as follows:

  • pendingAppointmentResourceName in ('<Current User>')
  • inProgressAppointmentResourceName in ('<Current User>')
  • CompletedAppointmentResourceName in ('<Current User>')


In addition to creating search views showing jobs with appointments, this syntax can also be used to create Function Columns which can be added to views to show information at a glance.

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