Oneserve Autumn Release Notes

Scheduler Design Changes 

The Fixed and Pooled scheduling pages have been redesigned.

  • The holding area has been increased to allow more appointments to be rescheduled at the same time
  • Changing the date will automatically refresh the scheudler 
  • Access to the Fixed and Pooled schedulers have been moved to tabs instead of a single button.
  • The Commit and Reset buttons are now Green and Red to stand out
  • The Resource name down the left hand side now appears before Team name and the text has increased in size.
  • We have made it easier to select multiple teams in the drop down. This makes it easier to scheduler between different users

The new design for the pooled scheduler

The new design for the fixed scheduler

Attachment to this guide will show the before and after screenshots with details of the enhancements 

User - Team Filtering 

A new feature has been developed to filter users access depending on their assigned teams. The flag for user team filtering can be found at the individual user account level. This will be useful if you have team managers or subcontractors who require access to the system but they should not have all the job data available. 

Once the teams have been assigned to a user the following pages will use the filtering

  • Job Search
  • Global Quick Search
  • Calendar View
  • Scheduler
  • Fixed and Pooled Scheduling
  • Job Resources:  Appointments/Time entries
  • Job Costs: Existing entries and adding costs manually
  • Job Activities: Existing entries and assigning new activities
  • Modify Team/Service against a job
  • Admin:  Teams

The user type assigned to the user will determine what pages can be access and the functioned performed. We have detailed the access rights that will be suitable for a supplier/team/subcontractor login. 

 Subcontractor Access attachment will detail the settings and configuration required for the user types  

Site Work Tab

Against a site there is a Work tab which details all the jobs that have already been created for that site. This page has been redesigned with additional functionality added to make it easier to view the details. 

The work tab has the following options

  • Filter by job ref or description
  • Ability to select work type, service, supplier or job status
  • A toggle for view only pending or in progress so users can find the outstanding work for the site. 
  • The option to order the results by clicking on the column headers



Oneserve Analytics

If you have purchased the Analytics tool in Oneserve you will have access to the latest improvements to the self service reports. For more details please use the following link 


Enhancements and Fixes

Development IDSystem AreaDescription
OSD-4757 Activity Purchase Order If you are using Activity Purchase Orders the users will need the rights to view purchase orders to use the PO hyperlink from the job activities. Without the right users could still use the hyperlink but it would open the Oneserve general error instead of the PO. We have deactivated the hyperlink for users who do not have the Purchase Order rights,
OSD-4810 Activity Purchase Orders Users have the option to create purchase orders against job activities, this can be useful for subcontractor payments. When the goods receipts are created for the activity purchase orders the quantity will no longer be assigned to a store. This change was required because the saved quantities were never used as they are not physical parts therefore it would lead to the store reaching the size limit.
OSD-3900 Admin Rate Type The Rate Type page which can be accessed through the admin page has been updated with the latest design. Rate types are used to determine what type of cost it is when it is applied to a job, e.g. Activity, Part, Labour
OSD-3541 Admin Services The admin page to manage and create services has been updated with the latest design. Services are used against activities and Team/Resources to control who will be available for the work during the job creation and scheduling stage.
OSD-4700 Application Setting A new Application Setting has been created to control the number of transition buttons will appear in the job well for the workflow. By default the first 3 transitions will appear before the remaining transitions are added to the More dropdown. If you would like to increase the limit from 3 please contact the support desk to have this altered,
OSD-4801 Appointment Search In the appointment search page there is a column against appointments for Booked By. This field was being updated with the name of the user completing the appointment but we have prevented the change so it will only display the user who created the appointment record.
OSD-3898 Approval Rules The admin page to create and manage job approval rules has been updated with a new design. This page controls what jobs require approval before it can be moved to the next stage
OSD-4877 Document Categories The admin page to manage Document Categories has been updated to use the latest design. The option to assign permissions against each category has been improved to make it easier to use
OSD-4878 Document Category Settings The permission levels against Document Categories have been altered. Previously you could set Read or Read and Write against a category, Read would allow users to open a exisiting document against a site or job, Read and Write allows the document to be printed, opened and uploaded. The new permissions have split the access into three options called View, Generate and Manage. 
OSD-3903 Holiday Types The Holiday Types page under the Admin menu has been updated with the latest design. The functionality remains the same
OSD-4691 Job Cost We have prevented the Oneserve general error when you add a cost manually to a job that has a invalid date. Now the user will be prompted with a validation error to indicate the date is incorrect.
OSD-4690 Job History The option to mark an appointment as unable to start would apply an event to the job history but the status was not being populated. This has been fixed so the status details will be displayed on the history tab.
OSD-4670 Job Resources The Cancel and Reschedule button available against appointments on the Job Resource tab would direct to the Job Attributes tab once the action had been performed. This has been altered so it will direct the user back to the Job Resource tab
OSD-4855 Job Versioning Creating and submitting new job versions use to refresh the page and direct the user to the Job Details tab. The versioning actions will now keep the user on the same job tab instead of the redirect.
OSD-4730 Mobile There is a option to create a new appointment after selecting the Additional Appointment button on the mobile application. The user will require the user rights to create appointments and open the pooled scheduler. (The fixed scheduler will not be available on a touch screen device due to the drag and drop) After selecting the option to create a new appointment it will open the desktop application using a new browser tab and log the user in automatically, we advise users using devices with a large screen if they will be using this option
OSD-4730 Mobile Survey Question Questions for a survey can use text fields to capture the answers. Text fields use to be a single line field making it difficult to read the full answer if it expands the field length. We have change the field to expand the height of the field so all of the text can be viewed on the mobile screen.
OSD-3911 Regions The admin page to manage and create regions has been updated with the latest design. Colours can be set against regions to be used on the scheduler using the highlight mode to see where resources will be working for the day
OSD-4664 Scheduler With the scheduling design changes the option to change the priority of the job has been removed. The priority drives the SLA of the job which can still be altered if you use the Modify Job Details option before or after scheduling an appointment. The user type right that control the priority field on the scheduler has been removed.
OSD-4813 Scheduler We have improved the scheduler display when two users are scheduling to one resource at the same time. It use to cause a white box to appear for the resource making it look like the resource was not available. The white box has been prevented so you can see any appointments that have been scheduled but yet to be committed
OSD-4641 Search A new column and basic filter has been added to the Job Search for All Activities Completed. The basic search is a toggle switch with True and False and the column will display the answer. This can be used to create a view to capture jobs where you have outstanding work that needs to be scheduled and completed.
OSD-4811 Search Export Improvements have been made to prevent search views timing out for the export when the search contains OQL columns or a large set of filters.
OSD_4643 Search User Rights A new user type right called 'Manage search criteria [MANAGE_SEARCH_CRITERIA]' will allow users to use the search box, save searches as views and the option to control columns in the search using the cog icon. 
OSD-4735 Search User Rights A new user type right called 'Determines if the 'All' option is available in the search pages [SEARCH_PAGE_SHOW_ALL] will control if the user has access to the All option for all the search pages. Without this right users will only be able to access shared search views. 
OSD-3913 Site Groups The Site Group page under the Admin menu has been updated with the latest design. Groups are linked to clients and they are required when you create a new site/property
OSD-4642 Team Under the admin menu there was a page called Teams, elsewhere on Oneserve this was labeled Supplier. A global change has been made to update Supplier labels to now display Team
OSD-4619 Team/Resource Working Time If you created two working or non working time events for a team or resource starting at the same time it did not always display the full length of the allocated time. EG Assigning emergency from 8am-5pm and then adding training from 8am -11am, this will now display the training as the priority from 8am-11am as this was the latest event to be applied and then the emergency time will show from 11am-5pm. Before you would have only seen the latest time assigned.
OSD-4872 User Type Rights A new right has been created to control access to the Modify Team/Service option against a job.
OSD-3912 Work Log Type The Work Log Type page under the admin menu has been updated with the latest design. Work Log Types are used to define the type of work during the Create Job process and they are linked to Work Types
OSD-3901 Work Time The Work Time Type page under the Admin menu has been updated with the latest design. Work Time Types are used to capture labour times against the job, by default you will see Working and Travel. The types are available on the mobile application and desktop using the Job Resource tab.
OSD-4883 Work Type A field on the Work Type page under the Admin menu has a field called Short Description. Validation has been added to prevent work types from being created if the short description is over 17 characters.
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