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By controlling user type rights you can create a view only access to the search pages, this will restrict users to only access search views that have been saved and shared. 

This will be beneficial for external users using Oneserve to track jobs at paticular stages, you will have the control over what data they can access.


User Type Rights

You will need to remove the rights below depending on the level of restriction you require

1. Determines if the 'All' option is available in the search page [SEARCH_PAGE_SHOW_ALL] This will provide the All option against the Jobs, Sites, Contacts and asset searches. Without this right you will restrict users to only access jobs through saved views 

2. Search - Manage search criteria [MANAGE_SEARCH_CRITERIA] This right will allow users to create new search views, modify the columns in the search table and the search box. The quick search box in the header is controlled with a different right. 


This is an example of a job search set as view only. The user will only see search views shared with their user type and unable to modify. 


Steps on how to create the search views and share with user types. For more information click here to access the search section.

1. Open the search page
2. Use the cog icon to control the columns in the result table

3. Apply the basic and advance filters to create the search required
4. Save the search views to a search group 
5. After creating all the search views required use the cog icon next to the Groups and View header

6. Share the search group with the required user types

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