Creating A New Activity

Activities are assigned to Jobs and Appointments to provide the details of what tasks are required. When you create a Job you will have to assign at least one Activity. The activity code is linked to a service this service will be assigned to the job depending on the first activity selected. The service also provides the mapping to the work Type and Teams/Resources as explained in the Service Guide.

The Activity includes the description of the work to be performed as well as the expected duration the task will take to complete. By setting average durations the system can schedule appointments appropriately.

The Activity configuration is controlled by the User Type Right -Activities [ACT]



The activity list page displays library activities. Clicking on a Library Activity opens the full view of that activity with associated cost records.

  • The client filter will only show active clients and clients linked to the logged in user
  • The work Log type filter will only show active work log types

Creating new Activities

  1. Select the Cog icon to open the Admin menu.
  2. Select Activities from the Jobs menu.
  3. If you have already created an Activity it will be displayed in the list view.
  4. Click the + icon in the top left hand corner to create a new Activity.

5. Fill in the required details for the new Activity.

  • Code - The Activity Code that will be referenced when creating a Job.
  • Name - Name of the Activity.
  • Duration - How long the activity should take to complete. This will be used when you create appointments
  • Default Quantity - Usually set to 1. The default quantity will be used when you create a job to pre set the activity quantity  field but it can be altered. 
  • Service - The Service will determine the job Work Type and Team. The service will also be used to determine what resources will be available for the appointment
  • Unit - Unit of Measure, e.g Item or Hours.
  • Group - The Activity Group the Activity code will be displayed in. On the create job screen you can filter activities by group
  • Description - Additional information relevant to the activity 


Creating Activity Costs 

Activity costs are required before the activity can be assigned to jobs. The costs are created using work log type and client combinations, this provides the flexibility to use different cost values across multiple contracts.

If you have two cost values for the same client, work log type, start dates in the past and both have end dates in the future the job will use the cost from the activity with the newest created date. 

By default the table will order costs by the Created Date descending but you can click on the table headers to change the order.

Click on the + icon under the Cost header

  • Work Log Type - Assign the Work Log Types the activity will be available against 
  • Clients - Assign the Clients the activity will be available against 
  • Unit Cost - The internal cost value used to populate the Job Cost tab
  • Unit Sales - The external cost value used to populate the Job Cost tab

The Cost and Sale fields are unit price so if the activity default quantity is greater than 1 the cost will be multiplied by the quantity value when the activity is assigned to the job. 

  • Start Date - The activity can be assigned to jobs created after the start date 
  • End Date - The activity cannot be used for jobs created after this date 


 Modifying Activity Costs

You can only modify one cost entry at a time by selecting the tick box next to the row and using the square/pencil icon.

If the start date in in the future you can modify the Unit Cost,Unit Sales, Start Date and End Date.

If the start date has past only the end date can be updated, you can extend the end date or you can mark a cost as inactive by using the End Now option. This will populate the end date with the current date and time.



Deleting Activity Costs

You can only delete activities where the start date is in the future. If you need to stop a cost it will need to be modified and the end date set to now.

Copying Activity Costs

Single activity costs can be copied using the 3rd icon under the costs heading (2 pieces of paper) This option will populate the add cost form with all of the details.

The copy icon will not be available if multiple costs have been selected.


Show/Hide Inactive

The ‘Show Inactive’ button will display costs where the End Date has past, the Work Log Type is inactive or the Client is inactive.


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