Lite Winter Release Notes

Activity Cost Management 

The user experience for managing activity costs within Oneserve has been improved. Our data structure has always allowed activity costs to be uploaded per client and work log type but the activity admin page did not reflect this structure. We have modified the activity page to allow users to view and manage activity costs per Client,Work Log Type with set start and end dates.

This image shows the new Activity page. To access it on your system you will need to open the Admin menu and select the activity page. The new plus icon will allow you to create a new activity or select an exisiting activity to view the cost records already created. 

 Key details

  • Activity costs will need to be created for the clients and work log types you would like to use the activity for. Without the record it will not appear on the create job screen or the job activity tab.
  • If you have multiple cost rows per activity for the same client and work log type it will check the date range to see what cost is valid. If multiple costs are valid for the date range it will use the most recent entry using the created date. 
  • The 'Show Inactive' button will show the cost rows where the end date is in the past, the work log type is inactive or the client is inactive.
  • Activity costs can be modified - If the start date is in the future you can change the Start Date, End Date, Unit Sales and Unit costs. If the start date is in the past only the end date can be modified.
  • New activity costs can be created with a start date of the current day and time or in the future. 
  • The client filter will only show active clients linked to the logged in user, if users are expecting to see costs for other clients you will need to review the user account. 
  • By default the activity cost rows will be filtered by the created date but you can click on the table column headers to alter the order by.
  • Activity costs can only be deleted if the start date is in the future. If the start date is in the past you will need to edit the row and set the end date to 'End Now'. This will stop the activity cost being used on future jobs. 


Job and Site Documents Uploader

The documents tab against Jobs and Sites for the desktop application has been rebuild and improved. Documents can now be uploaded in bulk and we offer drag and drop functionality.

The 'Upload Document' window has the following features

  • The ability to select multiple files
  • Documents can be dragged into the upload window from your machine
  • The document title can be modified using the pencil icon 
  • The document category can be set - Categories hold their own View, Generate and Manage access per user type so please review the Document Categories help guide for more information. 


Once the files have been uploaded users can use the new filters to find documents they are looking for. The Category, Uploaded by and type drop downs will only display the values from the fields in the table below.

Using the actions button a document can be modified to change the description and title or deleted.


Development ID System Area Description
OSD-5176 Calendar The date format on the calendar page for the week view has been updated to day, date, month
OSD-5203 Cloning Job The cloning job functionality will use active activities and ignoring deleted activities
OSD-5103 Contact Considerations The contact consideration has been added to the contact section on the job details page. If you update the contact considerations for a site it will update the linked jobs to have the latest considerations.
OSD-5199 Create Button The create button for Job, Site, Contact and Part has been updated to display correctly on a touchscreen device.
OSD-4800 Day Division The fixed scheduler has the option to change the posting type of an appointment form Fixed to Pooled and Pooled to Fixed. If the user changes a fixed appointment to pooled it will now use the sequence set against the day division to assign the right division to the job, this is usually AM or PM. Please contact the support desk if you would like to know what sequence you have configured on your system or you would like to change the sequence.
OSD-4911 Job Appointment The page to update an appointment using the desktop application (Select the update option against the appointment on the Job Resource tab) has been modified to split the time field into separate Hour and Minute dropdown. This will allow the appointment time to be recorded accurately instead of using the 15 minute interval dropdown
OSD-5056 Job Cost The design of the job cost tab has been updated. The update/approve/delete icons have been added to a update drop down against job cost lines
OSD-5224 Job Dates Changes have been applied to the 'Complete Job Transition' screen to allow the job actual end date to be updated with the date entered in the transition screen. Previously the job actual end date would only be populated if the date was empty.
OSD-5055 Job Sheets A fix to ensure activities appearing on Job Sheet printouts only appear once. Previously activity lines could appear multiple times if the activity was assigned to multiple activity groups
OSD-5191 Job Transitions Mandatory fields on the transition pages have been highlighted with a *. If a user fails to populate the mandatory fields the field will turn red and a validation message will appear to indicate the missing fields. Transition pages are used when you move a job from one status to the next.
OSD-5223 Mobile - Contact Details After clicking the phone number for the contact on the mobile application the text was turning white. The text will now remain blue/black so it will be visible.
OSD-5265 QJC After creating a job and opening the job details page the QJC form will be reset. This will prevent the browser back button to be used to access the QJC with all of the previous details still populated. If users would like to create multiple jobs they can use the Create and Create another option on the QJC or use the Clone Job functionality.
OSD-5248 QJC A fix has been applied to the QJC to clear the fields when a user changes the site. Previously if a site was selected and a new contact detail added before changing the site the contact fields would remain populated.
OSD-5098 Scheduler Notes The notes field against the appointments on the fixed scheduler (double click on the appointment to see the appointment details) has a limit of 1000 characters. Validation has been added to the notes field to indicate the character count, once the note reaches 1000 characters the save button will be disabled.
OSD-5427 Search Dates The dates shown in the search pages have changed from a dd/mm/yy to dd/mm/yyyy. This is to allow dates that were 2030 and over to be exported correctly and not defaulting to 1930.
OSD-5234 Teams Improved design for the inactive box on the team admin page to make it easier to use. This box is at the top of the page to allow inactive teams appear in the team list
OSD-5260 Transition Screens The fields to capture the Start and End dates on the transition screens have been updated to allow the time to be entered as Hours and minutes separately, before the time increased in 15 minutes intervals. This will allow the exact times to be captured.
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